Music Team Shift for Dead or Alive 5

TECMO KOEI Games' new release Dead or Alive 5 has shaken things up in the sound department. While Makoto Hosoi returned as audio lead for the project, the series' other veteran composers were not involved — Ryo Koike too busy with the Ninja Gaiden series, Takafumi Inamori now sound director at Valhalla Game Studios. In their place, the series has welcomed composers Yojiro Yoshimatsu (Samurai Warriors 3), Ayako Toyoda (Fatal Frame series), and Masako Otsuka (Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII). Yoshimatsu and Otsuka were originally members of KOEI, indicating that their sound team is crossing over into TECMO projects. Full-length soundtracks are enclosed in the US, EU, and Japanese editions of the game.

  26 September 2012, 09:34,   Chris Greening