Crush 40 to Release Live Album

Crush 40 have confirmed on their Facebook that they will release their first live album on October 3. The release will feature 19 or the 24 tracks they performed at their Tokyo concerts this March — spanning performances of popular Sonic theme songs to a number of original pieces, including tracks from their new charity EP Rise Again. The performance features vocalist Johnny Gioeli, guitarist Jun Senoue, bassist Takeshi Taneda, and drummer Toru Kawamura. The full track listings are below:

01 Sonic Youth
02 Free
03 His World
04 Sonic Heroes
05 Open Your Heart
06 Knight Of The Wind
07 I Am… All Of Me
08 With me
09 Never Turn Back
10 Fire Woman
11 Revvin' Up
12 Watch Me Fly…
13 Into The Wind
14 Rise Again
15 Sonic Boom
16 All Hail Shadow
17 Live & Learn
18 One Of Those Days
19 What I'm Made Of…
The album will be released by Wavemaster (under catalog number WWCA-31281) on October 3 and can be pre-ordered here.

  12 September 2012, 08:01,   Chris Greening