All-Star Ragnarok Online Arrange Coming

On December 3, GungHo Entertainment will release a <a href="" target="_blank">10th Anniversary Edition</a> of the acclaimed MMORPG <i>Ragnarok Online</i>. An arranged album will be enclosed with the limited edition version of the game, featuring eleven adaptations of SoundTeMP's acclaimed score. The album features arrangements by an all-star cast listed below:

01 Title - Kenji Ito 
02 Monastery in Disguise - Toshimichi Isoe
03 Theme of Payon - Masaharu Iwata
04 Dreamer's Dream - Shoichiro Sakamoto
05 Erebos' Prelude - Motoi Sakuraba
06 I miss you - Aki Hata
07 Antique Cowboy - Soshi Hosoi
08 Through the tower - Shinji Hosoe
09 Can't go home again, baby - Naofumi Tsuruyama, Takuya Hanaoka
10 Be Nice 'n Easy - Tsukasa Yatoki
11 Title/We have Lee but you don't have/Hamatan/Divine Grace - G-SHINE

  10 October 2012, 04:44,   Chris Greening