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24.12.2012     C418 releases Minecraft documentary score
22.12.2012     Light-Hearted Score for Jake Kaufman's Adventure Time Released
22.12.2012     Bear McCreary Scores Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie
21.12.2012     Rafael Dyll Releases Ninja Sprint EP
20.12.2012     Rich Vreeland Releases KRUNCH Soundtrack
17.12.2012     Free release for Kyle Gabler's Little Inferno soundtrack
12.12.2012     Andrew Aversa Releases Kickstarted Original Album
11.12.2012     HyperDuck x Brandon Collaboration City Conquest Released
10.12.2012     Frank Klepacki Announces New Solo Album
09.12.2012     Kevin Manthei Opens Facebook Music Store
09.12.2012     Spike Video Game Awards Winners
05.12.2012     OverClocked ReMix Releases Donkey Kong Country 3 Album
03.12.2012     Peter Connelly Rounds Off Tomb Raider SoundCloud Releases
02.12.2012     SLIPSTREAM [ volume two ] released
28.11.2012     Gamer Symphony Orchestra Concert Coming Up
28.11.2012     Video Game Orchestra Makes First Overseas Performance
28.11.2012     OneBigGame Collaborative Charity Album Released
21.11.2012     Jeff Ball to Score Tiny Barbarian DX
20.11.2012     Collaborative World 1-2 Album Project Announced
17.11.2012     Spike Video Game Awards Score Nominees Announced
14.11.2012     Android Humble Bundle 4 Released
14.11.2012     Game Music Bundle 4 Released
13.11.2012     Rich Douglas Scores Shadowgate Remake
12.11.2012     Far Cry 3 Track Listings Revealed
10.11.2012     Epic Mickey 2 Score to Be Released
10.11.2012     Christopher Tin Scores Karateka
10.11.2012     Full Program for East meets West - The Symphonic Game Music Concert Announced
05.11.2012     Wreck-It Ralph score available on iTunes
03.11.2012     HyperDuck SoundWorks score Rain-Slick 4
03.11.2012     Allister Brimble Releases Kickstarter Campaign for Amiga Album
03.11.2012     Dear Esther wins TIGA Award for Sound
31.10.2012     Making of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Audio
30.10.2012     Black Ops 2 Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
27.10.2012     George Oldziey to score Star Citizen
27.10.2012     Hotline Miami Score Available on SoundCloud
25.10.2012     Journey Bundle for Charity Auction
24.10.2012     Win autographed copy of Red Orchestra 2
24.10.2012     Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Soundtrack Details
23.10.2012     Soundtrack for Frank Klepacki's Delayed End of Nations
15.10.2012     Frank Klepacki Releases Original Funk Album
12.10.2012     Journey Receives Physical Album Release
11.10.2012     CoLD SToRAGE Releases Wipeout Remasters
25.09.2012     OverClocked ReMix Relaunches Final Fantasy VI Album Kickstarter
23.09.2012     Conclave Kickstarter Campaign Successful
22.09.2012     Ubiktune Bundle Released
18.09.2012     Matt Uelmen Releases Torchlight II for Free
18.09.2012     Game Music Panel at Comic Con 2012
13.09.2012     Medal of Honor: Warfighter Soundtrack
06.09.2012     iGame Music Bundle Now Available
06.09.2012     Soundtrack Release for Skylanders: Giants
04.09.2012     The Basement Collection Soundtrack Details