Takeshi Miura

Takeshi Miura. Click to zoom.
Takeshi Miura
Also known as
Total Games 3
First Work Biohazard -CODE: Veronica- Original Soundtrack • 2000
Last Work RE​:​MIXED [The Save Rooms] • 2020
Total Soundtracks 18
Most Popuplar Biohazard -CODE: Veronica- Original Soundtrack

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WiiResident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles : музыка


PS2Silent Hill 4: The Room : Background Design


PS2Resident Evil Code: Veronica X : Music Compose Chief

Darkside Chronicles Soundtrack Localised

Sumthing Else Music Works has confirmed that they are localising the soundtrack for the Wii shooter Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Set to be released on October 9, the Resident Evil -The Darkside Chronicles- Original Soundtrack features orchestral performances of dark epic compositions and arrangements by... Показать

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Last Update: 04.09.12