Eirik Suhrke

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Eirik Suhrke
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First Work Downwell - Official Video Game Soundtrack • 0
Last Work Contra: Operation Galuga ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK • 2024
Total Soundtracks 46
Most Popuplar Hotline Miami

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Collaborative World 1-2 Album Project Announced

Middle Eastern game designer Mohammed Taher has announced World 1-2, an album that will feature "a unique blend of both original creations and nostalgia-infused remixes" of game music, according to the album website. To be released in collaboration with indie game music label GameChops, the album... Показать

 20.11.2012    4838

Game Music Bundle 4 Released

Following three successful predecessors, the Game Music Bundle 4 has been released. This time, the bundle includes the soundtracks for Retro City Rampage, Dear Esther, Spelunky, Indie Game: The Movie and Shoot Many Robots, some of which are among 2012 best indie game scores. While these... Показать

 14.11.2012    2830

Hotline Miami Score Available on SoundCloud

Developer DevolverDigital have made the soundtrack for their top-down retro-shooter Hotline Miami available on Soundcloud. With its neon-coloured, 80s-inspired art design and stylised, over-the-top violence, the game has been frequently compared to 2011 movie Drive, and the hauntingly atmospheric soundtrack follows suit, turning out to be... Показать

 27.10.2012    2700

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