Tim Wright

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Tim Wright
Also known as CoLD SToRAGE
Date of Birth 31 July 1967 • 56 years
Place of Birth Great Britain
Site http://coldstorage.org.uk/
Total Games 3
First Work Home Computer • 0
Last Work Lemmings • 2021
Total Soundtracks 56
Most Popuplar SLIPSTREAM [ volume two ]

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PSPGravity Crash : музыка


PS3Gravity Crash : музыка


PSXWipeout : Music, Sound Effects

Pre-Order Tim Wright's Psygnosis Tribute Album Now

Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE) has released information and samples related to his Psygnosis tribute album Strix Memorial. Announced in 2010, the album feature remixes of tracks from Wright's Amiga scores from the 1990s, as decided by a public poll. The featured tracks will include Shadow... Показать

 26.12.2012    6165

SLIPSTREAM [ volume two ] released

Composer Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE) has released SLIPSTREAM [ volume two ], the second volume of 64 bit digital re-mixes/re-masters of his work for the WipEout franchise. As on SLIPSTREAM [ volume one ], Wright "leveraged audio tools that make each song sound the best... Показать

 02.12.2012    5637

CoLD SToRAGE Releases Wipeout Remasters

Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE) has released an album of remastered versions of his tracks for WipEout and WipEout 2097 on his Bandcamp page: SLIPSTREAM [ volume one ], priced at ₤6.99. According to Wright, these 64-bit digital re-mix / re-masters have "been painstakingly E.Q.'d, compressed... Показать

 11.10.2012    2384

CoLD SToRAGE Writes New Single

CoLD SToRAGE, aka Tim Wright, has released a new single on Bandcamp. The releases features two electronic pieces, "Outersphere (I Feel So Alive!)" and "Boomerang", that are dedicated to his son. The Lemmings and WipEout musician is currently mourning his former home, Psygnosis / SCE Studio... Показать

 17.09.2012    1977

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