Money Song

Money talks
Money shouts
Don't take much to hear
Like it or not
You need a lot
If you're gonna make a life down here

Money talks
Money spits
Makes its presence felt
Wanna be broke 
This is no joke
When you're dealing with the cards you're dealt

Now the love of money took many of men
Down the path to greed and vice
Bury your odds in heaven if you wait that long 
But baby ain't that nice

Get rich quick
Get rich fast
That's the game right now
Profit is all
This is my call
Baby won't you let me show you how

Now the consequence
If you stop robbing, folks
Is to spend some time inside
Well I'm a bit more smart
Then I have purse up here 
I'm a legal and bona fide

Money speaks 
Money haunts
When it's rolling in
I'm making enough
Enough of that stuff
So whatever comes 
You're gonna win
Hey, you're never gonna lose that ring
When you keep the money rolling in