1. Dinah! the golden summertime is comin', honey,

DInah! the busy bumble bees are hummin', honey;

Please pack your duds and come back,

Don't wait and if the train's late

Jump out and run ahead, hon',

Beat that old train to me!

REFRAIN: Dinah! come on back to Carolina

I'm kind a lonely,

For you my heart is pinin'

While the silv'ry moon is shinin'.

Dinah! never saw the weather finer

In Carolina,

Come back to Carolina, Dinah Lee!

2. Dinah! the honeymoon in June will soon be shinin',

Dinah! the honeysuckle down the lane is twining;

I've got a wedding ring, dear,

I've got the preacher right here;

I've got a cottage too, dear,

Fixed up for me and you!