Love Is Heavy

Музыка: Nathan Wang

看著你 遠離的背影 我不夠勇氣

Watching you departing, I don't have the courage

想著你 過去的回憶還是很清晰

Thinking of you, memories of the past are still vivid

不想面對 你的笑 為了他

Don't want to face it, your smile is for him

不願回想 你給我的回答

Don't want to recall your answer for me

等著你 午夜的電話再也不響起

Waiting for you, the phone no longer rings at midnight

聽著你 反覆的留言感覺很靠近

Listening to your voicemail repeatedly, we seemed so close

不敢奢求 你笑說 你愛我

Don't have high hopes that you say you love me

不肯放手 我們已到最後

Don't wish to let go, our relationship has reached the end

愛恨晚 已漫延

Love and hate are late and already gone


Wanted to turn back but can't help to take a look


Wish you still love me and return

愛很重 放不下 唯一你還是讓我期待

Love is heavy and can't put down, but I am still longing for you

可是你不再以我為中心 為我轉

Yet I am no longer in the centre of your heart

看著你 照片裡我們笑得多甜蜜

Watching you, we have a sweet smile in the photo

想著你 熟悉的街景 陌生的身影

Thinking of you, the familiar streets, but we have become strangers

不願相信 是我讓 你哭了

Don't want to believe that I made you cry

不想去聽 我們是 怎麼了

Don't want to hear what we have become

愛很悶快窒息 告訴我怎樣才能逃避

Love is too tight for me to breath, tell me how to escape


The surrounding air is filled with you


Love is heavy and I am out of breath


Don't know why you could let go completely

難道你不見我為你狼狽 掉眼淚

Don't you see me shedding tears for you?

愛恨晚 往不回頭

Love and hate are late and is gone forever

從來未那麼認真愛過 你卻輕易放開我

Never been in love so deeply, yet you left me in a sudden

愛很重我不後悔 坦白的你讓我真的了解

Love is heavy and I don't regret, you are so frank that I realize

你坦誠誓誓 你不在乎我

You don't care about me