Annual Game Music Awards 2010: Special Achievement Winners

We are proud to present the winners of the Annual Game Music Awards 2010. These panel-voted officially recognised awards provide a thorough and wide-reaching recognition of achievement in game music over the last year.


Special Achievement Awards — Eastern :: Haruhisa Tanaka (aka hally)


Fan turned professional Haruhisa Tanaka (better known as hally) has produced chiptune compositions and remixes since the 1980s. He has been a major promoter of the chiptune scene both in Japan and overseas, credited with founding the multilingual website VORC.

In recent years, he been central for promoting excellent game music in recent years. His diverse activities including producing digital and physical record releases for Egg Music Records, co-administering the sound creator's alliance GE-ON-DAN, and headlining diverse remix activities.

Already appreciated by composers and game companies across Japan, it is time for this behind-the-scenes force to receive some public recognition too.


Special Achievement Awards — Western :: Clint Bajakian

Clint Bajakian

Clint Bajakian has pioneered production of realistic and dramatic game audio for many years. As a musician at LucasArts from 1991, he initially made an impact scoring Outlaws and Star Wars spinoffs, creating some of the first scores with filmic production values.

After leaving LucasArts, Bajakian engaged in a number of freelance projects through Bay Area Sound and Tommy Tallarico Studios. He currently leads sound production of franchises such as God of War and inFAMOUS for Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Having influenced many scores, composers, and companies, Bajakian deserves recognition as one of the main driving forces in the evolution of video game music.