Annual Game Music Awards 2012: Outstanding Artist Winners

We are proud to present the winners of the Annual Game Music Awards 2012. These panel-voted officially recognised awards provide a thorough and wide-reaching recognition of achievement in game music over the last year.

Outstanding Contribution - Eastern Composer :: Yuzo Koshiro

Game music veteran Yuzo Koshiro has had a major year scoring four very different games. Whether the ethereal Etrian Odyssey IV, ecstatic Toki Towa, or entrancing Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4, his music has always proven memorable, emotional, and refined. Yuzo Koshiro


Noriyuki Kamikura Chikayo Fukuda

Other Nominations

Taku Inoue
Hideaki Kobayashi
Yoshimi Kudo
Naoshi Mizuta
Hideki Sakamoto
Motoi Sakuraba
Akira Yamaoka


Outstanding Contribution - Western Composer :: Austin Wintory

Journey's masterpiece soundtrack provided Austin Wintory with much attention and awards this year. His subsequent release Horn further reflected his artistic vision, showcasing the iOS's capabilities with intimate folk performances and full-blown orchestrations alike. Austin Wintory


Jesper Kyd Cris Velasco

Other Nominations

Lorne Balfe
Russell Brower
Jake Kaufman
Grant Kirkhope
Christopher Lennertz
Daniel Licht
Jeremy Soule


Outstanding Contribution - Independent Composer :: Jonathan Geer

One of the industry's rising stars, Jonathan Geer went beyond the call of duty on every project he was involved in this year — whether the sweeping orchestral score for puzzler Azkend 2, the jazzy meanderings of Cook, Serve, Delicious, or the eclectic accompaniment to the shelved Neptune Gasoline. Jonathan Geer


Jeff Ball onoken

Other Nominations

Jasper Bryne
Jimmy Hinson
Soshi Hosoi
Ryo Mizutsuki
Hisayoshi Ogura
Brendan Ratliff
Damian Sanchez


Outstanding Contribution - Newcomer :: Revo

The driving force behind fantasy rock band Sound Horizon, Revo has long been a cult figure in Japan. But it was with the diverse, nostalgic soundtrack for the 3DS RPG Bravely Default: Flying Fairy that he made his superbly received game debut. Revo


Daniel Licht Front Line Assembly

Other Nominations

Joel Corelitz
Neil Davidge
Tomoki Miyoshi
Kevin Penkin
Earthbound Papas


Outstanding Contribution - Soloist

Jem Harding - Blood Thirst Concerto (SoulCalibur V)

Pianist Jem Harding sent spines tingling with his virtuosic performance of SoulCalibur V's "Blood Thirst Concerto". Commanding, brooding, and dazzling, his performance brought out all the drama of Cris Velasco's source composition and perfectly captured the character of Raphael. Jem Harding


Laurence Juber (Acoustic Guitar) - New Tristram (Diablo III)
Tina Guo (Cello) - The Road of Trials (Journey)

Other Nominations

Sarah Àlainn (Vocals) - The Final Time Traveler (Time Travelers)
Marty Friedman (Electric Guitar) - Fighting to the End (Bravely Default: Flying Fairy)
Jem Harding (Piano) - Blood Thirst Concerto (SoulCalibur V)
Norihiko Hibino (Saxophone) - Labyrinth III - Grotto of the Adamantine Beast (Etrian Odyssey IV)
Tomoyo Mitami (Vocals) - Furueru Kokoro (Asura's Wrath)
Dan Monti (Electric Guitar) - Twisted Metal (Twisted Metal)
Kamar De Los Reyes (Vocals) - Niño Precioso (Call of Duty: Black Ops II)
Lisbeth Scott (Vocals) - I Was Born For This (Journey)


Outstanding Contribution - Ensemble

Eminence Symphony Orchestra and Choir - Sacred Dawn (SoulCalibur V)

Under the baton of Philip Chu and the supervision of Hiroaki Yura, the orchestra, choir, and soloists of Eminence proved an incredible collective force throughout the soundtrack for SoulCalibur V. Elysium's "Sacred Dawn" is a spectacular culmination of their efforts. Eminence Symphony Orchestra


London Symphony Orchestra - Mos Espa Madness (Kinect: Star Wars)
Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra and Chorus - Heart of Pandaria (World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria)

Other Nominations

Boston Cello Quartet - My Quest Begins (Of Orcs and Men)
Earthbound Papas - Fight for the Master! (UnchainBlades Exxiv)
Gen Ittetsu Strings - Prelude Moving Towards Hope (Bravely Default: Flying Fairy)
Hollywood Studio Orchestra and Soloists - The Final Trial (Horn)
Slovak National Symphony Orchestra - Enclave Morning (Torchlight II)
Ojo Rojo - White Knuckle Ride (Painkiller: Hell & Redemption)
Traditional Japanese Instrumentalists - Clash on the Big Bridge Oriental Mix (Final Fantasy XIII-2)