Super Mario 64 Original Soundtrack Liner Notes


Shigeru Miyamoto - Producer / Director

Greetings from the Super Mario 64 Development Team

No matter how many games we make, a Mario game is a Mario game. When the hardware became 16-bit and the size of the ROMs increased, we made a Mario game. That feeling of Mario fun is always at the foundation of our thought. This time we could express ourselves in three dimensions, and using a 3D joystick for control, and this has expanded Mario to new levels of fun, more enjoyable than anything that has come before. Super Mario 64 contains things never before seen, certainly not in older games, and it is full of surprises. We have come one step closer to our goal of an interative adventure game, and Super Mario 64 is a game we can be proud of.

Koji Kondo - Composer

On Composing Super Mario 64

This time, the game was on new hardware, and instead of a side-scrolling action game, it was a 3D action game, so the sound had to expand as well in response. When game music is put onto a CD, the tracks are jumbled up and taken out of context, and personally, I feel that game music is the entirety of the sound, including sound effects, that one hears while playing the game. So I create the music bearing in mind the balance between music and sound effects, the connections between pieces, and the balance of the whole project. The 18th track, "File Select," is a particular favorite of mine. I love Latin music, and listen to saxophonist Sadao Watanabe and pianist Michelle Camilo a lot. I would like to create even more enjoyable game music from now on.