The Last Story Original Soundtrack Liner Notes


Nobuo Uematsu - Composer

Everything must eventually come to an end. A year ends after 365 days, a party cannot last forever, no matter how enjoyable, and even the most delicious bottle of wine will eventually be empty. No matter how proud a nation is of its civilization, it will eventually go to ruin, and a person's life will eventually reach its end.

But when one year ends, a new year begins; one can have another party, just as good as the last, and it can also be fun to uncork another bottle of wine. From ruins, new nations are built, and once we depart our bodies, we can start our journey in a new world (possibly).

The words "to end" have a sad ring in our ears, but changing one's perspective, they could also be seen as "a beginning." The meaning of the word "last" is the same as "an ending."

"Here, at the end..."
"This last time..."

These words are used to express strong resolve. I believe that the resolve that we see in the word "last" is connected to its meaning, as close as I can get to the truth, "the beginning of something new." The title of this game, The Last Story, expresses the resolve of many people. What kind of new things will begin as a result of this game? Myself, I am looking forward to finding out.

Oh, but then there's "Mama, I want some spending money. Come on, it's the last time, I promise!" In that case, I'm sorry, but nothing new comes out of that "last."

Liner Notes Translated by Ben Schweitzer. Do not republish without written permission.