Yuzo Koshiro Interview: Guest Arranger of Symphonic Shades (August 2008)

Across the next few weeks, we will publish a series of English translations of interviews with those involved with Symphonic Shades - Huelsbeck in Concert. The German versions of the interviews can be read at the official website for the concert.

Yuzo Koshiro is a Japanese game music composer known for his work on Ys, ActRaiser, and Etrian Odyssey. For Symphonic Shades, he has arranged the Jim Power in Mutant Planet main theme.

Interview Content

Q: Last year, you attended the video game music concert in Leipzig, together with your colleague Takenobu Mitsuyoshi. Can you tell us more?

A: Yes, I was very happy to be invited. I really like the atmosphere of the Gewandhaus and its surroundings, because it is the place where a lot of historical concerts have been performed. I think that the fans were so friendly and they listened to the concert seriously. Sometimes I was amazed that some people were speaking fluent Japanese and asked me for autographs!

Q: Does the Japanese audience take an equally serious approach when it comes to listening to video game music concerts?

A: Yes, I think so. A difference might be that Japanese people are too quiet compared to German people. I am talking about the applause and the reactions, of course; there's no question that people have to keep quiet during the performance itself. It is hard to find out whether Japanese audiences are enjoying the concert, but they usually talk about performances enthusiastically on the net.

Q: How did you approach the arrangement of Jim Power in Mutant Planet?

A: I arranged the opening theme. I really like it! I tried to preserve the original theme and its structure as much as possible when I made the arrangement. However, I adopted an impressionistic approach to the orchestration. I am confident that the fans will enjoy it!

Q: Was it difficult to make the arrangement?

A: It was kind of difficult because it was originally rock music.

Q: Soon you will go to Germany?

A: I am very excited to come to Germany each time there is a concert. I love the beautiful scenery out there and historical constructions like the old castles in Dresden. I am very much looking forward to the German food!