Winfried Fechner Interview: Orchestra Manager of Symphonic Shades (September 2008)

Across the next few weeks, we will publish a series of English translations of interviews with those involved with Symphonic Shades - Huelsbeck in Concert. The German versions of the interviews can be read at the official website for the concert.

Winfried Fechner is the orchestra manager of the WDR Radio Orchestra. He was responsible for much of the administration for Symphonic Shades.

Interview Content

Q: Mr Fechner, it's done: a full concert with video game music. What are your impressions of "Symphonic Shades"?

A: It was a grand evening. Firstly with incredible music, secondly with a highly dedicated orchestra, and of course, there was an unmatched audience. It was a celebration of sounds and a celebration of wallow.

Q: Did you get any feedback from the orchestra?

A: The orchestra musicians told me after the concert it was fantastic to perform for such an audience. They studied and performed the music with great excitement under the direction of Arnie Roth. Their final statement: More of it, please. More of such music and more of such attendees.

Q: Would you present music by Chris Huelsbeck again — or maybe even dedicate another concert to him?

A: Yes, I would be sincerely glad to.

Q: Do you think that scores from video game music could be performed as a part of regular orchestra concerts one day?

A: Yes, and I will do that in the future. We will include video game music into the concert program of our next season. There are many similarities, sounds, and melodies that fit well together in a concert program. I am much looking forward to trying it out.

Q: September 2009. Cologne, Germany. Anything you can tell us about it?

A: Next year in September, the gamescom trade fair will open in Cologne. For September 12, 2009 (Saturday), we will be at the Philharmonic Hall and we will present a great concert with video game music. It will include the WDR Radio Orchestra, the WDR Radio Choir, Arnie Roth, Rony Barrak, and, not to forget, Thomas Boecker, my right-hand man for all these kind of projects. It will be an unbelievable concert!