3D infinity Original Sound Track

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3D infinity Original Sound Track
Composed by JOEDOWN
Published by JOEDOWN Inc.
Release type Game Soundtrack - Official Release
Format 1 Digital - 5 tracks
Release date May 12, 2010
Duration 00:11:45
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It was clear from Culdcept Saga and Chocobo and the Magic Book that Hokkaido-based music production company Joedown Studio featured some very talented composers. Their latest project, the indie shooter game 3D Infinity, gives them the opportunity to shine as solo composers. The team crafted a range of elegantly composed and synthesised electronic music to complement the futuristic visuals and dynamic gameplay. The soundtrack was released on iTunes and in general proves an enjoyable listen. The one problem? Its short length.


There are only five tracks on this album: a main theme, three stage themes, and a boss theme. It's apparent that SmileBoom didn't have the budget to license a more expansive soundtrack, but nevertheless their choice of Joedown Studio ensured they received high quality results. The main theme "Infinity Nova" is a fine example. It perfectly captures the imagery of the game with its array of gliding electronic beats and has a clean beautiful timbre. Although it could be more memorable, the team offer enough melodic hooks and compelling rhythms to keep listeners entertained, all the while adding individuality through some of their sampling choices.

The enthusiastically titled "Great!!" has all the qualities of a fine first stage theme. There is a greater amount of contrast and turbulence compared with the main theme, to reflect the uncertainty of the gameplay, though it's nevertheless still a motivating theme for the most part and verges upon sounding anthemic at points. In typical shooter fashion, the remaining stage themes are a little more brooding. The second stage theme is dominated by eerie synth licks and hard guitar riffs, yet still remains pretty groovy, while the final stage theme goes even more abstract and spacey. Each complements the visuals and gameplay perfectly, while entertaining a great deal on a stand-alone basis.

The final track on the album, "Wow!!", is the main boss theme and it's easily the most intense of all the tracks... and that's saying something. While the other pieces are all quite fast-paced and turbulent, this is the only one with a truly oppressive sound. The overdriven guitar work and distorted beats capture the aggression and ugliness of the enemy, while a series of orchestral chord progressions create a particularly climactic feel. This is definitely a great track for those who prefer to live on the edge.


Does the 3D Infinity Original Soundtrack live up to its track titles? For the most, yes. It's clear that Joedown Studio are experts at creating modern electronic fusions and are able to curtail them both for specific in-game scenarios and stand-alone listening. However, their offerings are far from infinite and last a mere ten minutes. The iTunes Store reflects this with a suitably cheap price, though, and many will find it a nice supplement to their experiences with the more expansive (and expensive) electronic shooter soundtracks out there.


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Here you can freely listen to preview tracks from 3D infinity Original Sound Track. Album was composed by JOEDOWN and was released on May 12, 2010. Soundtrack consists of 5 tracks tracks with duration over about 15 minutes. Album was released by JOEDOWN Inc..

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CD 1

Infinity Nova!!
Great!! 1st. Stage!!
Amazing!! 2nd. Stage!!
Excellent!! 3rd. Stage!!
Wow!! Big Boss!!
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