Weird Autumn (From "Night in the Woods")
Night in the Woods
Autumn (From "Night in the Woods")

Weird Autumn (From
Weird Autumn (From "Night in the Woods")
Composed by Alec Holowka
Arranged by Ian Martyn
Published by Man on the Internet, Darby & Ian
Release type Game Soundtrack - Official Release
Format 1 Digital - 1 tracks
Release date September 09, 2021
Duration 00:02:40
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Hey man, have you seen her around, have you seen her today? She made things psychedelic.

Night in the Woods by Infinite Fall
Composed by Alec Holowka

Vocals and Editing by Darby Cupit
Vocals, Arrangement, Instrumental (guitar, bass, drum programming), and Mix by Ian Martyn

Here you can freely listen to preview tracks from Weird Autumn (From "Night in the Woods"). Album was composed by Alec Holowka and was released on September 09, 2021. Soundtrack consists of 1 tracks tracks with duration over about 5 minutes. Album was released by Man on the Internet, Darby & Ian.

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Weird Autumn - From "Night in the Woods"
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