Godzilla Densetsu CHRONOLOGY 2

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Godzilla Densetsu CHRONOLOGY 2
Composed by Akira Ifukube / Masaru Sato / Reijiro Koroku
Arranged by Макото Иноэ
Published by Starchild Records
Catalog number K32X-7033
Release type Game Soundtrack - Official Release
Release date September 05, 1986
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Akira Ifukube
Masaru Sato (07,12) / Reijiro Koroku (14)

Makoto Inoue

Synthersizer: Makoto Inoue
Drum & Percussion: Toshio Takagi/高木利夫** (07,12)
Bass: Yuji Okiyama** (07,12)
Piano: Koji Ueno* (02,10)
Guitar: Hajime Tachibana/立花ハジメ* (02)

"Mothra Vs. Godzilla" [01]
"Dogora" [02]
"Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster" [03]
"Frankenstein Conquers the World" [04]
"Invasion of Astro-Monster" [05]
"The War of the Gargantuas" [06]
"Ebirah, Horror of the Deep" [07]
"King Kong Escapes" [08]
"Destroy All Monsters" [09]
"Latitude Zero" [10]
"Godzilla vs. Gigan" [11]
"Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla" [12]
"Terror of Mechagodzilla" [13]
"Godzilla (1984)" [14]

01. INDEX ①M1=0:00 ②M2=1:48 ③M3=3:30 ④M4=7:32
02. INDEX ①M1=0:00 ②M2=2:22
03. INDEX ①M1=0:00 ②M2=2:58
05. INDEX ①M1=0:00 ②M2=1:45
06. INDEX ①M1=0:00 ②M2=1:15
08. INDEX ①M1=0:00 ②M2=2:21
09. INDEX ①M1=0:00 ②M2=1:27 ③M3=4:48
11. INDEX ①M1=0:00 ②M2=1:20
13. INDEX ①M1=0:00 ②M2=1:00 ③M3=4:30

*by the Courtesy of ALFA RECORDS, Inc
**by the Courtesy of Nippon Columbia Co, Ltd

1st edition comes with a thin glued obi and 3200 yen price, second with standard wide obi and 3008 yen prince

Album was composed by Akira Ifukube / Masaru Sato / Reijiro Koroku and was released on September 05, 1986. Soundtrack consists of tracks with duration over . Album was released by Starchild Records.

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