Super Robot Taisen F-Final Arrange Collection Silver

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Super Robot Taisen F-Final Arrange Collection Silver
Composed by Асэй Кобаяси / Hidetoshi Sato / Kazuya Amikura / Kyohei Tsutsumi / Michiaki Watanabe / Neil Sedaka / Shinichi Tanaka / Shunsuke Kikuchi / Такэси Икэ / Yoshifumi Ushima
Arranged by Hiroshi Kobori / Hitomi Kobori / Kenji Nishiyama / Osamu Kamio
Published by first smile
Catalog number FSCA-10037
Release type Game Soundtrack - Official Release
Format 1 CD - 12 tracks
Release date May 20, 1998
Duration 00:53:53
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Released as a tie-in for a re-remake, Super Robot Taisen F Final Arrange Collection Silver is a compilation of instrumental arrangements. It is dedicated almost exclusively to the mecha anime theme songs featured in the game, so is bound to have most appeal to anime fans. The instrumental arrangements here are more elaborate than those featured in the game, but still generally pale to their originals. The title of the album thus seems quite fitting — what's offered here certainly isn't 'Gold'.


In terms of selections, this album is quite impressive. There are famous melodies featured from various famous mecha animes, ranging from Great Mazinger to Mobile Suit Z Gundam to Neon Genesis Evangelion, few of which have been arranged together before. Many of the tracks have become staples of the Super Robot Taisen series with their anthemic qualities, for example "Burning Love", "Flying in the Sky", and "Getter Robo!", thanks to the strengths of the original melodies. While some listeners of the series' music will have grown bored of these tracks, their treatment here is far more ambitious than the usual Super Robot Taisen original score. Unfortunately, though, the final results are uninspiring in the vast majority of cases...

Most significantly, many of the tracks on the album treat their melodies in an inappropriate way. "Fly, Dunbine" and "Flying in the Sky", for instance, make two major mistakes. One, they expose the melody too much with the heavy trouble focus and minimal accompaniment, leaving the arrangements sounding a bit hollow and superficial. What's more, the melodies themselves are presented on rock organ, giving a strange dated sound; this conflicts with the more modern stylings elsewhere and isn't even justified by the age of the animes featured. In part, these tracks reflect the problem of making instrumental arrangements of tracks that were original vocal themes. And perhaps for this reason, they will always be inferior according to anime fans...

The album does offer quite a bit of diversity, but it's not always welcome given the nature of the originals. The L-Gaim track aspires to a smooth jazz sound with its passionate blues harp performance and slushy tenor saxophone solos. "Burning Rave", on the other hand, goes for a hard rock feel with its apocalyptic opening riffs, while "Cruel Angel's Thesis" combines a range of rock, jazz, and orchestral elements into a supposedly encompassing finale. Sadly, in every case, the results sound contrived. The melodies sound completely out-of-place and lifeless on the instruments chosen. Furthermore, the arrangements themselves tend to be quite shallow and conflicted, despite clearly aspiring to something greater.

Thankfully, there are a couple of redeeming tracks on the album. Whereas most renditions of the Mazinger Z theme have an upbeat trashy jazz feel, Hitomi Kobori'sopening interpretation here goes quite a bit beyond. The spacey ambient opening declares something epic is about to unfold and the body of the arrangement doesn't disappoint with its intense progressive funk stylings and awe-inspiring choral interludes. The melody is still preserved on a succession of jazz instruments, but isn't the main focus like elsewhere. Instead it's part of a much great cinematic journey. Finally, the character theme arrangement "Scirocco! Gale! Cybuster" is considerably less contrived than other entries, opening with a gothic solo before moving into a delightful rock segment. The melody this time integrates smoothly with the rest of the arrangement and is thankfully presented on electric guitar, rather than harmonica or rock organ.


It's quite a novelty to have so many theme songs from mecha animes arranged in one single album. While most tracks are more ambitious than their Super Robot Taisen renditions, they generally fall down against their anime originals. This is largely because the melodies do not sound as good when translated from vocals to instrumentals, especially given the often clumsy and dated arrangement approaches here. With two exceptions, the results are generally cringe-worthy.


Music in game


Chris Greening

01 Mazinger Z (from Mazinger Z)
Composition: Michiaki Watanabe / Arrangement: Hitomi Kobori / Brass Arrangement: Kenji Nishiyama

02 FLYING IN THE SKY (from Mobile Fighter G Gundam)
Composition: Yoshifumi Ushima (鵜島仁文) / Arrangement: Hiroshi Kobori / Brass Arrangement: Kenji Nishiyama

03 I Am Great Mazinger (from Great Mazinger)
Composition: Michiaki Watanabe / Arrangement: Hitomi Kobori

04 Fly, Dunbine (from Aura Battler Dunbine)
Composition: Kazuya Amikura / Arrangement: Hiroshi Kobori
05 L-Gaim ~Time For L-GAIM~ (from Heavy Metal L-Gaim)
Composition: Kyohei Tsutsumi / Arrangement: Osamu Kamio (神尾修)
06 Theme of Combattler V (from Choudenji Robo Combattler V)
Composition: Asei Kobayashi / Arrangement: Hitomi Kobori
07 To the Star of Water With Love (from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)
Composition: Neil Sedaka / Arrangement: Kenji Nishiyama
08 Burning Love (from Dancouga - Super Beast Machine God)
Composition: Takeshi Ike / Arrangement: Osamu Kamio
09 Mazinkaiser (from Mazinkaiser)
Composition: Michiaki Watanabe / Arrangement: Osamu Kamio
10 Getter Robo! (from Getter Robo)
Composition: Shunsuke Kikuchi / Arrangement: Kenji Nishiyama
11 Scirocco! Gale! Cybuster
Composition: Shinichi Tanaka / Arrangement: Hitomi Kobori
12 Cruel Angel's Thesis (from Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Composition: Hidetoshi Sato / Arrangement: Hitomi Kobori

Organ, Synthesizer: Hitomi Kobori
Electric Guitar: Hiroshi Kobori
Blues Harp: Koichi Matsuda
Acoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes: Osamu Kamio
Tenor Saxophone, Flute: Akio Fujita (藤田明夫)
Trumpet, Flugel Horn: Masahiko Sugasaka, Hitoshi Yokoyama
Tenor & Bass Trombone: Kenji Nishiyama
Album was composed by Асэй Кобаяси / Hidetoshi Sato / Kazuya Amikura / Kyohei Tsutsumi / Michiaki Watanabe / Neil Sedaka / Shinichi Tanaka / Shunsuke Kikuchi / Такэси Икэ / Yoshifumi Ushima and was released on May 20, 1998. Soundtrack consists of 12 tracks tracks with duration over about 55 minutes. Album was released by first smile.

CD 1

Mazinger Z
I Am Great Mazinger
Fly, Dunbine
L-Gaim ~Time For L-GAIM~
Theme of Combattler V
To the Star of Water With Love
Burning Love
Getter Robo!
Scirocco! Gale! Cybuster
Cruel Angel's Thesis
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