Daniel Rosenfeld

Daniel Rosenfeld. Click to zoom.
Daniel Rosenfeld
Also known as C418
Birthdate 9 May 1986 • 34 years
Last work Minecraft Volume Beta • 2020
Total soundtracks 32
Most popuplar Super Meat Boy! Soundtrack

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C418 releases Minecraft documentary score

Game composer C418 has released the soundtrack for the feature-length documentary Minecraft: The Story of Mojang. The film chronicles how Minecraft turned from hobbyist project to worldwide phenomenon, as well the formation of Mojang, the studio built upon Minecraft's success. Called one, the soundtrack is the...

 24.12.2012    4936

Last update: 31.01.14
Comrade Daniel Rosenfeld is on the 942 place in our Hall of Fame. Next one is Simon Ravn.


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