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First work Accel World Original Soundtrack feat. MintJam • 2012
Last work Genesis of Destiny Rebelion • 2017
Total soundtracks 23
Most popuplar Little Busters! Ecstacy Tracks
Consists of a2c, setzer, TERRA

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Key Releases Albums by MintJam and TAM

On December 29, the Key Sounds Label will release two new albums at the Comiket 83 music festival. One is a rock arranged album dedicated to their latest visual novels, Rewrite & Rewrite Harvest festa! Arrange Album -dye mixture-, arranged and performed by MintJam. The other...

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Last update: 17.04.12
Comrade MintJam is on the 1405 place in our Hall of Fame. Next one is Ryuji Iuchi.


Streets of Rage 4 Original Soundtrack
30/55, The
Liz Swados Project, The
MapleStory OST: RISE
Cinta Kalut From "Cinta Kalut" - Single
Space Haven
Innocence - Single
KyoukiGensou Grimgard
Mama White Snake