The Settlers


Whilst Settlers does its job reasonably well, the fact that there are so many occasions in which little occurs within the game is a little disappointing. However, if you have a great deal of patience Settlers is a relatively rewarding game.

Nintendo Power

Unfortunately, the ambitious attempt to bring the full-fledged experience to the DS results in something of a mess. [July 2007, p.97]


The biggest fans of the game will be the ones that are most disappointed. It's not just that the game is bad, which it is. It's that the game is bad when for many reasons it should be good. The load times are ridiculous, the gameplay is tedious, and sometimes the thing crashes, so it's not even a functional game.


The solid roots of a charming series are buried under an avalanche of bugs and other issues.

Pocket Gamer UK

You may squeeze some entertainment out of The Settlers in the early stages but its bugs and inconsistencies will eventually break your spirit.


Settlers II is a great game. A classic. This version isn't. It's a travesty, and one that should never have been released. Without the fatal bugs it'd be a disappointing put passable conversion but you can't play a game not knowing when or if the game will actually work the way it's supposed to, or if saving your progress will cause it to crash.


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