Space Colony


PC Gameworld

A tight package that offers plenty in the way of sim-building entertainment. If you've ever played a simulation game and wondered what it would be like if you actually had to control a group of separate personalities instead of robots, this is your game.


Combining the addictive life-simulation aspects of The Sims with real-time strategy elements, Firefly Studios has produced Space Colony, a tough, funny, and very charismatic hybrid.


While it would have been nice to have a better way to organize workers' shift schedules, customizable characters, a richer combat system, and a multiplayer module, there's more than enough interesting things to do to keep you busy.

Gamer's Hell

At the very least, gameplay in Space Colony won’t get repetitive – just familiar. With the mix of management, action and trade, the game certainly has a long life, and there are always new objects and items becoming available as the game progresses.


Although the campaign is more of a how-to, there are plenty of planets available with varying difficulties, promising hours of adventures whether you’re a fighter or a builder.

Game Over Online

A lot of fun. Even with all the types of games it squeezes into one box, it's still relatively intuitive and simple to play...So if you’re looking for an entertaining management / combat game, Space Colony is hard to beat.


The lighthearted look at sci-fi makes for a light atmosphere that, unlike many sci-fi titles today, goes easy on the killing and wanton destruction.

Armchair Empire

It might not be the best way to be introduced to the genre because it is so deep in the gameplay department, but those accustomed to the genre will eat this up and have a great time.

PC Gamer

A fun, refreshingly light-hearted, and deviously challenging sim with genuine charachter-driven comedy. [Jan 2004, p.108]

Game Chronicles

The small personal touches that abound throughout the game are evident of quality production values, and these shine through in both the game’s outstanding interface and its spot-on motif.


Really a nice game that continues to surprise and delight the more you play.

Computer Games Magazine

The missions are challenging, with a nice, even learning curve spicing things up with some dynamic victory conditions and other such swerves along the way to keep things interesting. [Jan 2004, p.71]


Interface annoyances, lackluster graphics, and characters that should have been fun to interact with mix in to create a game that was almost great, but will remain average in my mind instead.


Although Space Colony puts forth a decent effort in meeting the aspects of a life simulator, the flow of the game can be cumbersome. Unfortunately, the other aspects of the game don’t make a strong enough presence to overcome this and even seem out of place at times.

Game Informer

The main problem I found was that this type of game needs to tread a fine line between player control and AI, and I don't feel that Space Colony does it all that well. [Dec 2003, p.181]

Yahoo! Games

Despite the somewhat deceptive advertising, there isn't that much alien blasting and army building, so if you were more interested in the RTS element, or expect a little more depth from your strategy games, you're better off looking elsewhere.


While Space Colony offers a great deal of breadth, and a surprising amount of depth, it never really capitalizes on either of these strengths to become an incredibly compelling or incredibly enjoyable game.

Game Revolution

And that's where Space Colony breaks down a little - way, way too much to deal with. At times, you'll be so busy just trying to keep up with every gameplay element that it starts to lose its fun.

Gamer's Pulse

Although no new ground was broken in the develoment of this title, fans of micro- management builders or sim style gameplay will find the comical, cartoonish style of Space Colony a fresh change of pace and well worth the cash spent buying it.


Firefly has offered a level editor with the game, allowing players to compile their own campaigns or swap them over the net, but I can't see this breathing much life into a title that exhausts its appeal so quickly. Nevertheless, it's undoubtedly one for the management fetishists.

Computer Gaming World

A clever combination of real-time strategy and The Sims isn't clever enough to hold your interest for long.


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