World Soccer Winning Eleven 9

Maxim Online

Konami's annual soccer franchise, which has scored in the past for its slick controls, wads of teams, and shin-splintin' graphics, returns to the field to affirm its ball-kicking dominance.


The PSP game lacks a lot of its console counterparts' features, but on the field of play it's still the most realistic soccer game ever made.


Although Konami wasn't able to include online play or the extended replay value of a franchise mode in their first handheld edition of the Winning Eleven franchise, it is by far the best soccer game on the handheld market. The great gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and high level of customization make Winning Eleven 9 for the PSP a justifiable purchase.

PSM Magazine

Leading your opponent, playing the ball to space, and plenty of modifier options (chip passes, various dribble moves) are all present and accounted for, giving the game the realistic tempo the series has become famous for. [Mar 2006, p.84]

Extreme Gamer

If you really don't care about management and just want to play the game of soccer, it will do fine.


But at the end of the day, it's that winning Winning Eleven feel that makes this one as addictive as ever: expectant WE9 owners should anticipate plenty of sore thumbs and "disappointed" spouses in their near future.

Official U.S. Playstation Magazine

As a single-match footy game, WE9 is a visceral and satisfying experience that provides a greater sense of connection with the sport than "FIFA" manages. [Mar 2006, p.93]


Once a game starts, it's nearly impossible to put down if you're a soccer fan. Anyone who's put in any time on a WE title will be quite impressed with Konami's translation is exceedingly faithful, from the opening cinematics to the overall presentation

PSX Extreme

If you're simply looking for the best handheld soccer game, FIFA 06 is the far better choice, due to better visuals more licensed teams, online play, mini-games, and the inclusion of commentary.


The action is fluid and intuitive, for starters, and player AI shines. It's amazing that the development team is able to continually refine and tweak the title to continually improve our virtual soccer experience. Still, there is plenty of room for improvement.

Game Informer

A soccer player with one foot wouldn't be much of a force, and a Winning Eleven game with only one analog stick isn't much of one either. [Mar 2006, p.118]

Electronic Gaming Monthly

Just bring a magazine to read while the game loads. [Mar 2006, p.113]


It's a shame the somewhat barebones package doesn't give gamers more of an excuse to come back to the excellent soccer engine.

Detroit Free Press

But with fewer buttons on the PSP than on a standard console game pad and only one analog stick to play with, the game's hallmark -- its deep, precise controls -- feels a bit muted.


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