Warrior Kings: Battles


Black Cactus has crafted a game that is just different enough for mainstream RTSers to appreciate, while adding things like a unique and involving storyline and intelligent adversaries for those who don't want to play the same old thing.

Gamer's Hell

One of the sleeper hits of this year. Excellent gameplay, unique additions to the usual RTS style, sound that makes you want to turn up your speakers, and multiplayer mode that has major replay options.


Troop versatility is one of the main qualities of this game as it does feature some highly innovative units besides the standard infantry, cavalry and archers.


The sort of game fans of the genre (like your truly) will sink their teeth into, as there is plenty of depth. However, the game lacks that spark which sets the classics apart from the also-rans.

Computer Gaming World

Good game, but it's a warm glass of milk when you really wanted a shot of your favorite poison. [Dec 2003, p.128]

PC Gamer

The single-player campaign is simply a series of missions with no cohesion other than the fact that they all lead toward your final objective. [Dec 2003, p.106]


Fails to measure up, primarily because of maddening technical issues that impair user control.

Edge Magazine

Warrior Kings: Battles mixes and matches familiar mechanisms in interesting ways, but it proves that balancing real wargaming with resource-based empire building is as precarious a task as ever. [June 2003, p.105]

Cheat Code Central

Shows the intricate side of warfare and all the frustration that goes with such as undertaking.

Computer Games Magazine

Unfortunately, the game's most consistently medieval aspect remains its interface. [Jan 2004, p.74]

Play Magazine

While prep time is nothing new to RTS fans, the amount of time needed for WKB seems excessive, and the tutorials along with the early missions do a very poor job of training new players. [Dec 2003, p.92]


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