Magical Starsign


Magical Starsign does an excellent job at taking the classic Turn-Based RPG formula and turning it into something fun for Nintendo's new handheld device.


It may not have the production values of Final Fantasy III, but Magical Starsign combines a superb and intriguing battle system with a genuinely fresh look at how to control this kind of game on the DS.


Despite being simple to pick up and play, Magical Starsign hides a complex game underneath. No doubt part of this simplicity is intentional in order to entice the younger audience that this title seemingly wants to attract. However, there is more than enough here to keep RPG enthusiasts of all ages entertained.

Pocket Gamer UK

Greater than the sum of its parts, it's eventually hard to feel anything but sheer joy when playing Magical Starsign.

Da Gameboyz

It keeps the basic formula that keeps 2D RPGs at the top if their class, but adds in some interesting elements as well. The ease of the touch screen also makes this game accessible to almost anyone.

PGNx Media

Magical Starsign's presentation is cheerful, the battle mechanics have a few wrinkles and the story is passable. Although it's not the deepest RPG, the game is a solid offering on the Nintendo DS.

Official Nintendo Magazine UK

Role-playing fans will get a good 30 hours of quality gaming out of Magical Starsign. It has its hitches, but if you can work with them there's a great adventure to be had. [Feb 2007, p.66]


The game has a great battle mechanic with some strong diversity and strategy elements, though it's a bit too linear in its story. The overall presentation is amazing though, and anyone looking for a true classic RPG should look no further.

Pelit (Finland)

An RPG that lacks originality but offers a neat package of nice and cute gameplay. [Mar 2007]


Magical Starsign is a lighthearted role-playing adventure that partially makes up for a lack of gameplay depth with its quirky, oddball world.

Games Master UK

Flawed combat hinders a light-hearted story with stars in its eyes. [Mar 2007, p.71]


Magical Starsign offers nothing particularly original or special to appeal to the RPG fan that doesn't have a particular interest in this cute eastern subgenre, but for the casual gamer and RPG newbie it is a gentle and well-crafted introduction to a rich and complex area of gaming.

Nintendo Power

If you have the patience to see it through, Magical Starsign is fairly satisfying, especially if you value good writing and compelling characters over deep gameplay. [Dec. 2006, p.104]


A competent RPG that has a very well written storyline within, as well as a robust battle system and enjoyable soundtrack. It's certainly not the best role playing game I've ever played, but it's one of the better ones on the Nintendo DS.

Nintendo Gamer

A sweet and simple RPG that moves a bit slowly at times. Some neat ideas - but a lack of depth means that while you'll want to keep playing, you'll be a bit annoyed. [Mar 2007, p.79]


The story is mediocre and the game gets off to a slow start, but the imaginative character designs, epic boss fights, a unique battle system and a cool six person multiplayer mode keep it from being a disaster.

Game Informer

In the end, it's difficult to determine which would be worse; a day with this game or a day back in sixth grade. [Nov. 2006, p.142]


Magical Starsign is the role-playing equivalent to bubblegum. It's a fun diversion, but far from substantial, instead resigning itself to being an interesting holdover until something more worthwhile comes along.


In the end, that's what Magical Starsign really is; a glorified GBA game with Touch Screen controls tacked on as an afterthought.


A throwback to the bygone days of the RPG genre - whether that's a good or a bad thing depends on your tastes. But even players who aren't retro-fans will be hard-pressed to consider Magical Starsign a truly bad game.

Armchair Empire

While Magical Starsign offers a bit of amusement, and more than its share of chuckles, the actual game mechanics keeps it from being too engrossing.

Electronic Gaming Monthly

The biggest problem, however, is the wonky stylus control. [Nov. 2006, p.140]


At the end of the day, Magical Starsign is your average, run-of-the-mill JRPG with some touch screen gameplay thrown in, hoping to disguise an old horse as a new pony.


Magical Starsign should be looked upon less as an RPG and more as a warning to potential DS and Wii developers: Yes, these new systems offer exciting, different possibilities. But please don't sacrifice old-school playability for unnecessary control schemes.


The graphics are basically ripped from the previous release on the GBA with some slap dash 3D affects thrown in. Top it off with a cliche storyline, and melodramatic characters that need to stick to day time television and you have a formula destined for failure.


A throwback to the bygone days of the RPG genre - whether that's a good or a bad thing depends on your tastes. But even players who aren't retro-fans will be hard-pressed to consider Magical Starsign a truly bad game.

Game Revolution

No, it won't replace "Final Fantasy XII" or "Twilight Princess," but for some role-playing on the go, Magical Starsign isn't a bad choice. Just don't tell your friends.


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