Trade Empires

Торговые империи


A fine entertaining game. You will find yourself playing the missions for many hours and repeating them to use different strategies.


This is not the type of game a casual civ/economic-sim player would want to tackle. This program is for game player that wants to exercise his or her brain.

Gamer's Pulse

It creates a fairly interesting game in the end, but one that is also fairly easy.


The historical sweep is fascinating, as is witnessing the advances and growth of your prospective civilization, but it's truly unfortunate that your participation in all of this couldn't be more involving and challenging.

Adrenaline Vault

Fans of city building titles will truly enjoy Trade Empires, and it will even woo some dissenters of the genre with its inventive take upon historical civilizations. However, unimpressive graphics and a lack of configurable options or a storyline hold it back from being a true gem.


The limited management interface, slow pacing, and subpar computer competition make the busywork of running a merchant house an unfulfilling task.

Computer Gaming World

The biggest problem with Trade Empires is that the absence of everything except the trade engine makes the game seem unusually flat. [Jan 2002, p.100]

Computer Games Magazine

It's a lot of clicking, looking at things, tweaking routes, and clicking a little more, and as with most of these types of games, is oddly compelling in an Excel spreadsheet kind of way.

PC Gamer

Trade Empires simply isn’t much fun. It’ll appeal only to fans of maddeningly dense economics sims "with a twist."


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