NASCAR Racing 2002 Season

Yahoo! Games

Where Gran Turismo is probably a little more graphically rich (mostly because of all the diverse locations), it's the actual racing experience that makes NASCAR 2002 Season a better game. Each race has its own story.

PC Gameworld

If it is your desire to experience a complete, polished and awesome racecar simulator, or if you want to enjoy a simulation of a real life racing series and you want the best, you must own NASCAR Racing 2002 Season.

Operation Sports

I know that I'll be racing N02 online for quite some time, and it's the new crown jewel of online racing sims.


Perhaps the best enhancement to be found in NASCAR 2002 is the audio. It is light years ahead of previous installments in the series.


The graphical elements of this game are stunning. Not only does the track look amazingly real and retains the skid marks and wall scuffs, but shadows and pit crews are rendered extremely well.

PC Gamer

It's the package that counts, and this one's simply as good as it gets. [May 2002, p.76]


Nothing is better, or comes more highly recommended than NASCAR Racing Season 2002.


You need great driving skills to hold your position. Excellent racing experience altogether.

Sports Gaming Network

If you have a moderately fast computer and decent video card, you should be able to really enjoy Nascar Racing 2002 Season.


NASCAR 2002 is not the quantum leap ahead some might have expected, nor is it free of flaws, yet it is another winning installment of what clearly can be considered the standard-bearer of all racing simulations.

Game Over Online

Its depth and attention to detail simply is unrivalled compared to what arcade racers considered 'realistic' beforehand.

Gamer's Pulse

For the first time I truly felt like I was on the track controlling a fully functional Nascar vehicle, and I believe that is what they were trying to accomplish.

Electric Playground

These are simply the best graphics Papyrus has ever coded.

Computer Gaming World

Provides some new and unique features that bridge the gap between the fanatical, hardcore sim racer and the casual gamer. [June 2002, p.82]


A definite must for racing fans who don't have the similar "NASCAR 4" and for hardcore gamers who want the latest tracks and don't care about the price tag.


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