Celtic Kings: Rage of War

Король друидов


Truly a delight to play. I found myself going back and forth from RPG to RTS. It's a great dilemma to have.

Yahoo! Games

A letter-perfect blend of two genres -- role-playing and real-time strategy -- that satisfy a wide audience of gamers.

Computer Gaming World

A fine blend of strategy, combat, and role playing. [Nov 2002, p.122]


The powerful, easy-to-learn in-game editor, which allows players to create new adventures and strategic scenarios, is gravy on this tasty dish, virtually guaranteeing a long shelf life for this product, particularly among the hardcore.


The perfect game for role-playing fans sick of repetitive hack-and-slash gameplay. It's also the perfect game for real-time strategy fans sick of repetitive base building and tank rushing.


This game is really more of a strategy than a real RPG. This is far from bad… on the contrary; the guys from Haemimont Games did a good job combining what is hard to combine.


It's a very solid, polished, and playable title that pinches nearly perfect amounts from two staples of modern PC gaming and combines them into a lovely, warm broth.

PC Gamer

Adheres strongly to the Keep It Simple, Stupid principle. By doing so, it manages to meld these different genres where others have failed. [Nov 2002, p.120]

Game Informer

Came up a little short on the gameplay side of things. My major gripe stems from the fact that I just didn't give a damn about the story. [Nov 2002, p.149]

Gamers' Temple

Pretty basic. Without the need to manage resources beyond controlling villages, the game's economy is about as simple as it comes.

Game Over Online

The campaign in Celtic Kings isn’t especially different than campaigns in any other real-time strategy game, and, in fact, nothing about Celtic Kings is especially different than what you’ll find in other games.


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