Wizardry 8

Computer Gaming World

Hearts and souls have been poured into Wizardry 8 and it shows. [Mar 2002, p.87]


If you are a fan of classic roleplaying games then Wizardry 8 is a must. If you haven't played one then try it out. It's just too good to miss.


Spans over 80 hours of active gameplay, not to mention all possible variations of certain quests...definitely one of the best RPGs this year.


If Wizardry 8 truly is the last game in the series proper, its engaging and addictive gameplay and surprisingly good graphics and sound make it a worthy finale to the Wizardry series, as well as an excellent RPG in and of itself.

Yahoo! Games

An extremely entertaining RPG and one I see myself returning to over and over, even after some 60 hours clocked.

All Game Guide

A must-have for any veteran or new RPG fan. With the design incorporating the best of the genre and eliminating the rough edges, the character building, combat, questing, and a never-ending supply of monsters and items will keep you playing for a very long time.

Computer Games Magazine

One of the most enjoyable parts of the game lies in crafting and later developing your party.


There truly is something for every fan of the genre within the many hours of game play. Fans of the more spoon-fed console RPGs may be a bit turned off by the openness and non-linearity of the story, but you are doing yourself a disservice if you fail to pick this game up at least to try it out.

Gamer's Pulse

It's a lot of fun, features some good writing and an engaging story, and is the best first person RPG experience I have had in years.

PC Gamer

An engrossing game that outdoes its strong but rambling predecessors. It’s the crown of a groundbreaking series. [Feb 2002, p.64]


It has everything you could possibly ask for in a roleplaying game and then some.


The number of things you can do with your parties and characters seem infinite, and it brings a personal feel to the experience that I haven't experienced in a long time...a dream come true for old-school RPGers.

Gamers' Temple

It might prove to be a bit frustrating for the casual RPG player, but those who enjoy the genre will be pleased by the intriguing world and huge amount of gameplay provided by Wizardry 8.

Adrenaline Vault

Even the most jaded fans of the series should be delighted with the enormous strides in quality Sir-Tech took with this title.


The game in many ways is an anachronism, with gameplay little changed from earlier versions of Wizardry, and marred by some truly awful 2D/3D renderings.

Game Over Online

Overall, wish they'd focused more on world design (making it larger) than the jokes.


While over time I came to appreciate the vastness, complexity, and sheer amount of love and labor poured into this project, I never fell so in love with the game that I could overlook its flaws.

Cincinnati Enquirer

Seasoned role-playing game fans certainly will enjoy the "old school" look and feel of "Wizardry 8," and there's certainly some meaty, single-player game play here. But younger or novice gamers may lose patience because of the relatively unattractive visuals and technical obstacles.

Electric Playground

If you were one of the ones that sobbed every time "Return to Krondor" was delayed, you'll go through Wizardry like an adult going through their childhood home. In some ways, it's a piece of living history.


It's a shame, because this game, while merely good, does hint at the possibility of a truly great RPG, given another development cycle or two.


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