Catwoman's whip allows you to destroy objects and lash your prey with an effortless grace that would make a Bangkok dominatrix burn with jealousy.

Play Magazine

Perhaps more than any previous movie game, Catwoman is actually challenging on a platforming level - sort of like "Prince of Persia" without the rewind. If you like a challenging platformer give Patience a chance. [Sept 2004, p.73]


Attempts to deliver some "Prince of Persia"-like acrobatics, but its sharp graphics are offset by bad control, weak voice work, and shoddy gameplay.

Cheat Code Central

It's a completely different vibe for a superhero game and I actually kinda like it. It's definitely more of a cerebral experience than "Spider-Man 2."


The elements were in place for a solid platforming title with a little hand-to-hand combat thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, a painfully annoying camera and some downright boring combat kept that from coming to fruition.

Worth Playing

An exercise in utterly wasted potential. The designers seemed to forget that what made Prince of Persia and games like it so special was that the engine worked with you, not against you, to make progression possible. Here, it's you versus the game every step of the way ... ball dropped.


The problems with Catwoman don't really show themselves until an extended period of play but once they do they become frustrating and bring the game down heavily.

Game Over Online

Electronic Arts proudly announces that the game follows the movie's plot. The movie's plot could probably sustain about 45-60 minutes and it was dragged on to about two hours. This game tries to drag out that simple concept even more to its own detriment.


Thanks to its many glaring flaws such as awful camera and awkward combat controls, Catwoman isn’t much fun to play even with the cool feline abilities.


Catwoman has all the sexual appeal as characters like Lara Croft but looks alone isn’t going to cut it in today’s highly competitive industry. The game is too simplistic and it shows.

Cincinnati Enquirer

While new enemies and missions are introduced over time, the game's story never really builds into anything, so it gives you -- the player -- little incentive to finish the adventure.

Next Level Gaming

The controls remind me of what "Tomb Raider" would be if it were strung out on crack. I think I can honestly say that I hate the controls in this game.

Game Informer

In short, playing this epic-sized monstrosity is similar to being scratched to death by a house cat...not only is it painful, it's also embarrassing. [Sept 2004, p.104]


Really, really, really annoying camera angles.


After the grueling long exploration levels, I found myself craving a good catfight. Unfortunately, the simple combos and lifeless combatants make the fighting in the game more like a catnap.

Official Xbox Magazine

Stylish visuals and a skintight catsuit can't save Catwoman from baffling controls (jump is the right shoulder button?), repetitive combat sequences, and predictable AI. [Oct 2004, p.74]

XGP Gaming

Basically, there's nothing to like about Catwoman outside of the graphics. At the very most, the game deserves a rental.


Reasonable graphics are let down severely by atrocious, uninteresting and frustrating gameplay, ill-considered sound and very little incentive to keep playing.


There is a lot of sheen resting over what's essentially an empty shell. While the development team has done a better-than-average job of heaping sparkles and gloss over these broken bones of a game, the end result is that Catwoman is a overly simplistic combat game.

Total Video Games

The restrictive control system and progression feels pathetic compared to the state of fluid titles such as "Prince of Persia" or "Galleon", whilst the overall experience is confounded by an awkward fixed camera system that makes it virtually impossible to see where you’re going.

Electronic Gaming Monthly

Besides the horrendous camera and controls, what irked me the most was how nonsensical it was. Its relentless linearity leads to jumping puzzles that make absolutely no sense. [Oct 2004, p.101]

Extreme Gamer

A flat out bomb, just like the pictures ticket sales. It's a shame Electronic Arts had to develop a movie version of Catwoman without the freedom of using the real feline character from the comics. Stay away from this game.


Catwoman commits every action-adventure platform-jumper crime imaginable: lousy camera angles, incomprehensible level designs, and a lame combat engine.

Maxim Online

But even the addition of Halle Berry’s slinky form and sultry voice can’t pull unpolished game play with lousy camera angles out of the litter box.

Yahoo! Games

The hell of the game is that the environmental puzzle setups look pretty good -- climb the wall, lash onto the nearest outcropping, swing to clamber chainlink fences, etc. It's just a shame the game actively fights your ability to navigate them.


This game certainly has some really great graphics and animations but it comes up short on being able to keep things moving at an enjoyable pace, not to mention that it's very difficult to control.

If you want a shallow, no fun, sexist, rip-off of "Prince Of Persia," taken from a terrible idea for a film, then why the hell are you reading this magazine?

Gaming Age

The game, while pretty to the eye, is flawed in execution in most every way, shape, and form. The story is bland, the game is short, the controls are iffy, and the camera is laughably bad.

Armchair Empire

But however pleasant that perspective may be, the unnecessarily complicated controls, the crappy fighting system and the inability to change perspective before jumping from place to place grinds to a halt whatever potential this game had for a bounce off of an atomic box-office bomb.

Sydney Morning Herald

The sultry character may offer a mesmerising, hip-swaying walk and spectacular feline acrobatics, but the game is frustrating, thanks to imprecise, unintuitive controls and a dreadfully wayward camera over which the players have no control.

Gaming Target

EA Games screwed up the controls so bad that's it hard not to miss that important jump, and that means you have to go through some overly tedious levels all over again. The bottom-line is that the gameplay is so horrible here that I think nobody will cry if this cat gets run over by a car.

Xbox Nation Magazine

This fetid package comes ribbon-wrapped with a horrible, barely adjustable camera that sees to it that Catwoman must guess where her enemies are and where the next in an endless series of platforms sits. [Sept 2004, p.94]

Game Revolution

From its bad control to its bad design, this is the real reason god kills kittens.


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