Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon

Worth Playing

It has wonderful atmosphere, and wonderful graphics, but the gameplay just isn't as strong as it should be, especially for a rail shooter. Also, the enemy patterns are not very well crafted.


The graphics system works, not too well, but every level is playable and enjoyable if it weren’t for having to start over completely after each life.


Thanks to the poor controls and the fact that the levels seem to drag on forever, Flight of the Falcon just feels like a very forced and flawed experienced from the very start.

Nintendo Power

It's a little tricky to target enemy ships at first, and the levels are longer than they have to be, but the game has an unmistakable Star Wars flair. [Feb 2004, p.154]


The missions are dreadfully too long and feature very little change in gameplay regardless of the settings and craft to control.

Game Chronicles

It has some redeeming qualities which are massively out weighed by its shortcomings. If you see this game for $5 it might be worth the effort to pick it up but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Next Level Gaming

The game is hampered by very bad laggy gameplay that seems like in some of the game levels (mostly all of them) it is running at 5 fps.


A neck-stabbingly frustrating bore. [Apr 2004, p.86]

Cheat Code Central

Where Flight of the Falcon goes wrong is in trying to make the GBA display 3D environments for an entire game.

Game Over Online

A disappointment. Only the most patient and faithful will want to get through the entire game.


All the laws of the universe are invalid. Flight of the Falcon is a Star Wars title with horrible sound. The standard TIE Fighter howls and laser blasts are all acceptable, but the theme music obliterates any good from those. The problem starts from the beginning, with an atrocious MIDI version of the Star Wars fanfare, and only goes downhill.

Game Informer

The framerate chugs along to a point where many of the stages should be classified as unplayable. I'd be surprised if this game pushes more than 10 frames per second at any given time. [Jan 2004, p.160]

Pocket Games

Not even the most hardcore Star Wars fans should go anywhere near this game. [Spring 2004, p.47]


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