Gradius ReBirth

Games Master UK

Great for 16-bit fans after a challenge. If you don't think your'e up to such retro effort, look elsewhere. [Oct 2009, p.80]


I love the game in a fetish sort of way, in a way that I don't expect most people to relate with.


If anything, ReBirth is a harmless non-canonical sequel, and the flaws are pretty excusable -- no matter how you look at it, this is a good Gradius. But, like all the other recent, deliberately retro-styled games, it's definitely meant for people who had some sort of connection to the series in their youth.


Consider this a neat twist on the formula, which will force you to play this old favourite in some unexpected ways. [Oct 2009, p.132]


Gradius ReBirth is a nice blast from the past, but its retro design and punishingly hard difficulty limits the appeal.

Official Nintendo Magazine UK

It looks, sounds and plays just as it did well over 20 years ago. So it's dated, but fun. [Sept 2009, p.93]

Nintendo Life

Gradius Rebirth is certainly a solid enough shooter and the trip down memory lane is fun while it lasts, but you can't help but walk away from the title wishing that Konami had tried some new ideas instead of just rehashing the same formula.

Metro GameCentral

More restatement than rebirth, this Gradius greatest hits collection has little new to offer.


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