WALL-E is a fun character and film, but while the game explores more of the movie's universe, the gameplay doesn't explore anything by familiar ground.

n-Revolution Magazine UK

The characters will win your heart. [Issue#25, p.74]

Worth Playing

While the main platforming gameplay in WALL-E for the Wii is solid and fun, it's really not good for more than a single playthrough and a collecting run.

Games Master UK

Fans of the film - and those after a traditional platformer - will overlook it being average. [Sept 2008, p.73]

Official Nintendo Magazine UK

Simple and effective, but it could have done with some more focused gameplay to make it really shine. [Sept 2008, p.94]

Da Gameboyz

WALL-E for the Wii is definitely not a bad game; however it just doesn't stand out in a market where you have to be good to be appreciated.


Wall-E is overflowing with charm, but the simple gameplay makes the experience fall flat.


Wall-E on Wii isn't a terrible game, but it feels like a rushed one. Developer Heavy Iron Studios has some good ideas here, but the poor graphics (particularly the frame rate) and sketchy sound really hold back the overall package.

Cheat Code Central

If you are a fan of the WALL-E film and don't mind a somewhat easy and repetitive experience, this game should be right up your alley.

Nintendo Gamer

Doesn't make great use of the Wii controls and EVE can be a sod to fly around. [Oct 2008, p.70]


Ultimately WALL-E the film deserves better than this licensed release, which has been formed using an off the shelf formula.

Gaming Age

I personally preferred the standard controls found on the PS2, PS3, and 360 to the Wii controls, which felt a bit too imprecise to work effectively.

Game Chronicles

WALL-E is a very repetitive platform game that does not make for a good one on the Wii system with its inherent lack of camera control and just repetitive puzzles.


Yet another Movie tie-in falls victim to an evident lack of effort or ambition from it's developer and so ends up being nothing more than the latest in a long line of crudely cobbled together cash-ins that are an insult to gaming itself.


With tons of visual issues, a horrible camera and gameplay that isn't particularly striking or innovative, Wall-E does a disservice to the little robot that falls in love. It's even worse on the Wii, where the graphical problems makes this title look terrible and saps any enthusiasm you might have for the game.

Game Informer

It's been awhile since I played a game that butchered so many of the basics of gameplay and design. [Sept 2008, p.103]


A pile of uninspired, by-the-numbers gameplay and missed opportunities.


WALL-E is a particular sad movie tie-in failure, because Pixar, the company behind the film, is known for projects that appeal to multiple age groups. By contrast, the WALL-E game holds virtually no appeal to anyone.


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