The Maw

LEVEL (Czech Republic)

Total surprise, excels in game mechanics and recalls the golden ages of arcade classics. Enjoy its cute heroes and explosions of colors while you can – The Maw isn't the longest game unfortunately. [May 2009]


The Maw is a fine little romp for people who feel the platformer genre doesn't get enough respect these days. It's also a great game for parents searching for something to hand off to a young child. The Maw is fairly linear and there isn't a great amount of depth to it, but its two main characters are adorable and the pacing is spot on.

PC Gamer UK

Inventive, smart and adorable, but it plays oh so slowly. [May 2009, p.71]

PC Games (Germany)

I had a good time with The Maw. It is a first-class independent product with great production values and two adorable main characters. Of course, the level design and the overall challenge of the game are aiming primarily at casual players. But even if the game turns out to be simplistic at times, it still shines being a neat action adventure that is greatly suited for kids.

PC Zone UK

Treat The Maw as a casual half hour game and you'll be well satisfied, but don't expect any maw than that. Sorry. [June 2009, p.75]


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