Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

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Fun, pure and simple - the scenarios and environments it's based on were paid for with blood, sweat, and tears. It's makes the game an honor to play.


If you’re just looking for the best shooter for the PC—a game that engages your senses, thrills your nerves, and impresses your neighbors—stop reading this right now and go get MoH: Allied Assault.

Maxim Online

The hail of artillery shells on the Omaha Beach assault level will make you crap your shorts, as they blow away your eardrums and half of your platoon’s limbs.


One of the finest first-person shooters to hit the PC in years. It is intense, fast-moving, challenging, and despite the unrealistic elements, it feels real.

Gaming Age

Gameplay in a word, is phenomenal. You may ask, how is it different from other FPS? The answer I come up with is that it gives the player a sense of reality, but not to a point where it gets ridiculously tedious (see: "Operation Flashpoint").


This is by far one of the best games I have come across, it is beautiful to look at, fantastic to listen to, and a TOTAL BLAST to play!

Game Informer

Hands-down the best first-person shooter ever coded. [Feb 2002, p.96]

Games Radar

[from PC Gamer UK]: This is the most realistic AI yet seen in a first-person shooter: enemies are utterly convincing in the acquisition of intelligent cover, the picking up of fixed gun posts from dead comrades and in the decisions they make to hang back and throw grenades and intelligently split and circle rather than hide on the spot or just come running.

Media and Games Online Network

About as close as we’ve come to perfection in the field of first person shooters in several years.

XGP Gaming

The sights and sounds in MOHAA are also amazing. Each pull of the trigger releases an ultra-realistic sound effect that 2015 recorded from authentic World War II weapons.


Not only a technically excellent shooter, the ambiance and level of detail is just plain amazing...[yet] The opponent AI was way too sensitive, as enemies can spot you in heavy cover from quite a distance, making the idea of quietly sneaking up on your foes an impossibility. This was the biggest downfall of the game.

Gamers' Temple

It is just one great mission in a series of great missions that provide players with a thoroughly enjoyable and immersive gaming experience. If you ever wanted to be a part of a great war story, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is a must.


It's hard to remember many games as cinematic and immersive as MoH: Allied Assault. Simply put, it's the best first-person shooter we've played in years.

PC Gamer

Actually playing the [D-Day amphibious-assault] mission was one of the most gripping experiences I've had on the PC in a long's damn fun. [Feb 2002, p.58]

Game Revolution

If I ever need to make a war movie, I know exactly what it needs to sound like.


With this level of A.I. Allied Assault is no walk in the park.

Total Video Games

The graphics are polished, the sound is atmospheric and helps create a realistic environment and if that wasn't enough the Artificial Intelligence is second to none (well maybe Halo).


At a time when shooters seem to be evolving into two distinct kinds of games--either focused on realistic tactics or on arcade action--Medal of Honor represents the absolute best that action-packed, event-driven shooters have to offer.


Soaked in detailed graphics and nerve-wracking sound effects, this is a game for the hardcore gamer who wants to be a part of World War II for better or worse.

Electric Playground

A fantastic shooter. The levels seem to be just right in length, have lots of enemies to gun down or evade, and the scripted events make the missions seem logical and important.

Voodoo Extreme

This is the kind of game that made me believe in the bright future of gaming, and at the same time, strengthened my belief that we're still far off from the level of professionalism needed to boost this form of entertainment to a more prominent cultural level.

Adrenaline Vault

Every scene literally drips with well-crafted atmosphere, and many are so memorable they will stay with you for days after you finish.

Computer Gaming World

Just about everything in this game feels right, sometimes almost in spite of itself. [Mar 2002, p.68]


The true first gem of the year 2002 and depriving yourself of the privilege of playing this game is a crime punishable by death in some third world countries (not really).

Computer Games Magazine

The weapons feel superb, and are among the best ever featured in a real-world first-person shooter...Where MoH falters a bit is in its multiplayer offerings.


It is marvelous what you can get by adding great atmosphere and a good AI to a barely interactive shooter.

Game Over Online

The gameplay in MOHAA is really excellent at times but exceptionally frustrating at others.

Gamer's Pulse

Another problem that I found with the audio was that the voices of soldiers and prisoners did not match up at all with the movement of their mouths.


I will acknowledge that the graphics are well done, and the audio is superior to most; however the game plays like a mediocre console game that doesn't have the glamour of other FPS.

Cincinnati Enquirer

Not for everyone. It's a very intense and immersive war game so folks who play computer games to relax and unwind might want to leave this one on the store shelves.

Yahoo! Games

Intensely atmospheric, the game manages to make you feel part of a bigger battle, even when you're doing a Schwarzenegger alone through a German bunker for half of the game.

All Game Guide

For first-person shooter fans, the ten hours you spend with Allied Assault will be most satisfactory. Nazis are fun and rewarding to kill, the missions offer diverse action, and the graphics are first rate.

PC Gameworld

The most over-hyped and overrated PC game released in the last twelve months. There, I said it. The fan boys can now launch their attack.


A snipers best dream and worst nightmare. You can be walking through the forest and all of a sudden a shot rings out and you get hit. I found a couple of times where I could not see the sniper because he was hiding behind a tree.


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