Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror

Сломанный меч 2. Дымящееся зеркало

Gaming Age

The sound is another area in which The Smoking Mirror excels. Although there isn't a constant soundtrack playing, haunting music often accompanies certain actions, much like the original "Tomb Raider."

PC Gamer

More of the same solid adventure fare found in "Circle of Blood." [Feb 1998, p.142]


The puzzles are generally entertaining and fun to solve and the game sweeps you along with its great characters, story, humour and dialogue.


It's "Circle of Blood" with new characters, a new storyline, a new threat to world harmony, and a few omissions and additions that help to streamline the adventure.

Computer and Video Games

Polish is the key word in fact, when describing Broken Sword II. The one area that Revolution shine brighter than any other software star is in the look and style of the game. Graphically, this title is very impressive.

Four Fat Chicks

I would recommend this game for the good story line and the beautiful graphics, but if you want a game that has more adventuring, look for another.

Adrenaline Vault

The first adventure with these characters seemed to offer longer gameplay and a more in-depth story line, but Broken Sword cashes-in on the ability to continue with something good.

Computer Games Magazine

Like far too many other sequels, the game doesn't live up to the expectations its predecessor set forth. Though it is well produced and solid, most adventure veterans will probably find themselves wishing for a little more "Circle [of Blood]" rather than such a straightforward Sword.

Game Revolution

I would only recommend this game to someone who would like to try out an adventure game without too much challenge, or who really likes the artifact-chasing, save-the-world type of adventure. For the more experienced adventurer, I would recommend that you pass this one up.

Just Adventure

One way this game falls a bit short is that the story seems a bit rushed and confused. The main villain is so far in the background that he's almost invisible.

Adventure Gamers

If you're looking for a really great graphic adventure game, give "Circle of Blood" a try, but resist the temptation to pick up its sequel. Like the game's title implies, it’s all smoke and mirrors, and very little substance.


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