Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

Digital Entertainment News

A superlative use of the DS's capacity. Kids who like the movie are bound to love it, but the movie license may turn off gamers who would otherwise enjoy it.

Extreme Gamer

A solid action game for the Nintendo DS. Even if you're not a fan of the film you will have fun running around beating up dudes, sneaking around, and various other espionage type activities.


The game mechanics really do show infinite promise, and even with this first attempt there is some dumb fun to be had – except it takes no more than five hours to complete the game 100%. Yes it is simple, short, easy, shallow and a movie tie-in. But I enjoyed it.

Games Master UK

Cool gadgets don't excuse the fact that most of this game is bland and repetitive stuff. [Sept 2006, p.68]

Pocket Gamer UK

There are a lot of good ideas in Alex Rider: Stormbreaker, but the main game is too clumsy for us to recommend it.

Nintendo Power

But the basic gameplay is flawed in every way, especially during the unresponsive fight sequences. [Oct. 2006, p.92]

Worth Playing

Lackluster design elements (poor textures, collision issues), repetitive gameplay, and tacked-on concepts all equate to one spy adventure best left classified.


Alex Rider: Stormbreaker for the Nintendo DS had the potential of being a younger-skewing Tomb Raider design, but it looks like an ambitious design was cut down before it could reach its potential.

WHAM! Gaming

In the hands of some more creativity (and maybe less time constrictions that most movie-based video games have), this could have been something worth a second look. As it is, this game should be judo-chopped immediately to the bargain bin.


Sadly, with all the game's flaws I wouldn't consider even mentioning this game to fans of the book or the movie.


If Stormbreaker came out about 15-20 years ago it might actually be considered a mediocre game. As it is, it ranks very highly on my list of 'worst games ever played.'


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