WWE Day of Reckoning


There really is a good, solid wrestling simulation under all the brashness of the WWE. Finally the GameCube gets something to properly rival the "Smackdowns" on the PS2.

GameCube Europe

This game can last forever just as long as you can recruit some friends.

GameSpot AU

Further refines the grappling engine that Yukes has been using for its gamecube titles, and along the way, offers the best grappling experience you can get -- at least for the time being.


The game's controls are comfortable, but newbies shouldn't be deterred: Reckoning features an extensive tutorial mode that runs through the moves, from the most basic to complex holds and attacks. [Nov 2004, p.110]

Yahoo! Games

The meat of the game is always in multiplayer, and Yuke's and THQ have handled that with finesse.


Speaking of control, Yuke's has finely tuned the game's engine in order to create a faster, smoother, and richer gameplay experience... Simply the best WWE title on the Nintendo GameCube to date.

Game Over Online

Day of Reckoning's focus upon the dreamers and wannabes that are fighting day in and out at house shows is a creative spin for a wrestling game, one that will appeal to a number of wrestling fans whose ultimate dream is to be on that stage themselves.


With a wonderful Create-a-Superstar mode, a good Story Mode, solid gameplay, and most of the other features found in recent wrestling games, WWE Day of Reckoning should be judged favorably with all other WWE games.

Game Chronicles

The game itself still has a great blending of wresting and "sports entertainment" so if you won't that signature WWE feel you won't be disappointed. Flaws and all, this is THE best wrestler for GameCube, bar none.

Nintendo Insider

If they spent less time on the bad ideas and more on time stuff that WWE and GameCube fans have been begging for, this game could have been much, much better than it is.

Australian GamePro

Easily the best wrestling game to grace a GameCube, the visuals are nice, the animations are slick, there's little to no clipping (amazing!), and it has enough depth for even the hardest core wrestling nut.


Playing a Royal Rumble match with three friends just never gets old.

My Gamer

It would have been nice to have an indicator on screen somewhere to let you know how good or bad you're doing; or if you even accomplished the goal of the match while it is in progress.


Far and away the best wrestling game available for Nintendo's console. If you can live without a handful of Superstars, Divas and Legends, you're going to have a lot of fun bringing the pain to the opponents that are in the game.

Game Informer

The definitive wresting title for the GameCube. [Oct 2004, p.137]


This is certainly the best you've ever had if you only own a Cube, and whilst not an excuse for others to rush out and buy one I think it does stack up quite well against better-known efforts in the genre.


Gameplay-wise, this is the closest I've played to "No Mercy" with enough new additions to make the matches more interesting. The story mode, the bread and butter for single player, is very good, although the lack of a branching story line does bring it down.


Featuring great graphics, a more-than-solid gameplay engine, and finally a story mode worth playing through, Day of Reckoning is truly the first great WWE game on the GameCube.


Graphically, I feel that Day Of Reckoning runs a little too fast a times. Wrestlers fly across the ring at the speed of light and when pulling off an Irish Whip on your opponent it is far too easy to completely miss them as they bounce off the ropes and come back across the ring towards you, simply because your move is so difficult to time.


A great wrestling game, no doubt. The engine is solid and leans even more towards a simulation game like No Mercy than an arcade game like SmackDown and is a great alternative if you don't like that franchise. The graphics are downright incredible.


A huge step ahead of last year's version with a solid Story Mode, great graphics, and plenty of game modes to choose from.


Button mashing for newbies, individual moves for the pros. WWE Day of Reckoning has something for everyone, regardless of your wrestling preference.


A more forgiving countering and less button mashing intensive game engine would have been preferable, but what's there is pretty solid.

Nintendo Power

Production values have also improved, with graphics and sounds like those of WWE TV, though dialogue is not voiced. [Nov 2004, p.130]

Cheat Code Central

Matches are varied and plentiful. Choose from Tag Team, Fatal 4 Way, Hell in a Cell and Bra & Panties - to name a few. The blood will flow and the girls will show.


"SmackDown" still has the superior career mode and looks a bit better for its capabilities, but Day of Reckoning owns in terms of gameplay and multiplayer. Just don't ask if it beats out my old favorite, "WWF No Mercy" on N64; that's just too close to call.

Worth Playing

It's an impressive title that champions quality and heart over quantity, mainly because there was no other choice.

Gaming Nexus

When you set aside the horrible audio and the poor graphics a pretty good wrestling game lies beneath.

Jolt Online Gaming UK

Day of Reckoning is an absolutely crucial addition to the games collection of any fan of WWE.

Maxim Online

Verbose cut scenes threaten to stall the mayhem, but two elements save the day: playable legends like Andre the Giant and "bra & panties" matches featuring such divas as Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus. A little thong goes a long way.


Those who are willing to give it a shot will find that it's a great package, offering wrestling fans more than enough to keep them entertained until next year's games offer something bigger, badder, and better.


It's got an addictive control system that works pretty well, along with plenty of modes to dig into and a superb visual experience that emulates WWE telecasts nicely.


The wrestlers themselves are strikingly similar to their real life counterparts, with both smooth animations and details. However, the audio is probably the game's low point.

PGNx Media

Day of Reckoning had the potential to be a superb game, but was held back by a lack of several things, such as a strong roster, voice-overs, and a strong Story mode, as well as its buggy AI.


The main issues that would sway a WWE fan away from this game would be the underachieving roster, the unpromising story mode, and the hair-pulling AI.

Gaming Target

Unfortunately, like the Wrestlemania X8 and XIX games, DOR still isn't much fun to play with friends because the constant button mashing needed to get up, escape a submission, and rip off clothes really starts to hurt after only a few minutes.

Game Revolution

Delivers the blood, sweat and tears Gamecube wrestling fans have been waiting to digest. It might not offer much new to the wrestling genre, but a win is a win, right?

Gaming Age

Has lots of features and pulls them all off very well, there's just not a home run in any category.

Play Magazine

So close, yet still so far from the ideal wrestling experience I was hoping for. [Oct 2004, p.87]

The New York Times

My one major objection is that when stunned you recover by repeatedly hitting a button as fast as possible, an almost perfect way to cause repetitive motion disorder in gamers.


One of the better controlled games.

Next Level Gaming

Probably the biggest flaw of this Story Mode is that it only lasts a year. Once you go to Wrestlemania and win the World Title (which you are required to do), the game ends.


After taking a couple of Prozacs and some beer, you might get a little calmed down from playing this game. All in all, WWE: Day of Reckoning tries to melt together the best parts of WCW/nWo Revenge and Here Comes The Pain into one title. However, the result is nothing but a failed mockery of two classic grappling titles.


The actual in ring fighting is solid, if unspectacular, it's very much pleasing on the eye, and the story mode is of a slightly lower quality than we could have hoped for. However, the package as a whole does come together quite well.


Fine graphics notwithstanding -- this year's model has better arenas, improved sell animations, and much more dynamic camera presentation -- Day of Reckoning isn't much fun to play alone.

Electronic Gaming Monthly

The only thing more frustrating than fighting the overpowered CPU is hoping a boneheaded A.I. tag partner won't blow a crucial match. [Nov 2004, p.151]


A huge disappointment. After "Wrestlemania 19" I was really expecting something special from this, but it retains everything that was bad about that game and merely covers them over with prettier graphics and a few new modes. Time to continue praying again for the return of AKI.


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