Final Fantasy VII


Every aspect of the game is virtually flawless, from its movie inspired soundtrack, to the incredibly life-like FMV, to the detailed battle and Materia systems, to the boatload of simplistic and addictive mini-games. This is what RPG fans have been waiting for.

PSX Nation

This is *the* one game you must buy or otherwise youll never see the true power of the PlayStation.

Official U.S. Playstation Magazine

The first PS one installment of Final Fantasy is still one of the best ever. [Mar 2002, p.34]

All Game Guide

Each character, visual graphic, mini-game and every ounce of story has a depth so amplified that it will keep players engrossed for months.

Absolute Playstation

This is the current apex in RPG games. In fact it is probably one of the best OVERALL games ever created for ANY system.


All in all, it is impossible to not recommend Final Fanatsy VII to anyone who is even vaguely interested in RPGs.


Never before have technology, playability, and narrative combined as well as in Final Fantasy VII.

Electronic Gaming Monthly

Simply amazing, and even better than the Japanese version. They balanced out the fights and added a couple of Bosses and some extra footage to the game.

Besides the high quality visuals, real time battle is the key element that is arousing unashamed geeks around the planet for Final Fantasy VII.

My Gamer

With beautiful music, graphics and dynamic gameplay Final Fantasy VII is a testament to the evolution of video games.

GMR Magazine

Brought RPGs into the Western spotlight and contained the most debated plot twist of an era. [Feb 2003, p.97]


You can play the game time and time again. Always finding something new, from a new piece of materia to a new place, to defeating the ultimate weapons. The story twists and turns all the time always keeping you guessing as to what will happen next.


Without a doubt, FF7 is one of the top Final Fantasy games out there. It is also one of the best RPG adventures of all time.

Games Domain

Some of the best looking graphics and most involving storylines ever seen on a console.


I think the story sucks, but the game is excellent. The thing about Final Fantasy VII is, whether you like it or hate it, the merits of the game can always be argued very strongly from either point.

Gaming Maxx

The one drawback in my opinion would be the replay value, as many people would find it pointless to replay the entire game just for a few secrets, since the story is the main reason to play a game like this.

Game Revolution

Hundreds of hours of visually beautiful gameplay, but its frustrating incoherence will make many people cringe and put the game aside before they have even finished.

Cincinnati Enquirer

The cinematic sequences, which propel the story line, have an anime quality that is dark, foreboding and engrossing.


If Square Soft wants videogames to be compared equally to other forms of art, then they are going to have to gain that respect by producing a game that is more intellectually and culturally aware and not a game that is essentially a video game screaming for attention and respect.

Electric Playground

There is tons of RPG combat, which is a little too slow for some people and slowed even further by all of the spectacular but lengthy spell animations.


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