Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Game Informer

With an awesome combat system, sweet graphics, slick characters, a solid one player mode, and gore, what else could you want? [Jan 2003, p.110]

GamerWeb Xbox

The game developers have setup one of the best fighting systems this side of the original Mortal Kombat but the aspect where MK: DA truly excels greater then any fighter that I have played on the Xbox is depth.

Media and Games Online Network

The controls of Deadly Alliance are done to near perfection, as they are incredibly responsive; pulling off combos is a cinch.

Adrenaline Vault

The best arcade fighter on Xbox. It's not as pretty as "Dead or Alive 3," and it lacks the comic book appeal of "X-Men Next Generation," but Deadly Alliance still knocks them both flat.

Cheat Code Central

Voices have always stood out in all the versions of Mortal Kombat. This game may have some of the best voices yet!

Official Xbox Magazine

The controls work extremely well. [Jan 2003, p.60]


Savage and wildly entertaining, Deadly Alliance is a high impact fighting game that packs quite a punch.

Game Over Online

The control system is simple enough so you can pick up and be almost immediately proficient, while leaving enough headroom to keep you learning something new every time you play.


It's not the perfect fighter and I'd still take "DOA 3" over MK: DA, this is certainly a refreshing change from previous Kombats.

Gamers' Temple

A pretty enjoyable fighter. A deeper Konquest mode that compelled players to complete it and Xbox Live support would have made this an even better game.

XGP Gaming

The Mortal Kombat series has had its ups and downs in the past. Whether you’re a long time fan or not, however, there is no denying that Midway has put together an impressive piece of work in Deadly Alliance.


Easily one of the better looking fighting games out there and by far the prettiest MK in the series.


The high points of great graphics, high fun factor, good sound, and high replay value, outweigh the control issues.

Game Revolution

A good fighting game with a great gore factor.


Deadly Alliance has done the job which was required of it: make the series respectable again.


An unusual fighting game that does a great job of balancing the classic Mortal Kombat style with enough new additions to draw in people who aren't completely familiar with the rest of the series.


This is the over-the-top, pick-up-and-play fighter that's we've been missing for so long. It's far less complex than its top-rated contemporaries, but that's part of the fun.


Creative, unique, accessible, and polished. It comes up lacking in a few areas, but is clearly the most effectively realized version of Mortal Kombat yet.


Even with its A.I. problems, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance will restore gamers' faith in the pioneering fight series with its amped-up gameplay and delicious visuals.

Maxim Online

To hell with lame gunshot wounds and other gang violence. This game’s fatalities include creative beheadings and dismemberments that would make Hannibal green with envy.

Play Magazine

Unlike any other 3D fighters on the market. Midway has done an exceptional job of creating a brand new MK experience while still maintaining the old-school flavor that so many of us are familiar with. [Jan 2003, p.70]

Entertainment Weekly

And that's the rub: Mortal Kombat may have grown up, but it didn't mature at all. [10 Jan 2003, p.77]


It's still not a very deep gaming experience, but this latest installment is clearly the best since "Mortal Kombat 2," and arguably the best yet.

All Game Guide

The varied styles of fighting combined with a fresh crop of interesting characters are strong enough to make you want to sample each one.

Into Liquid Sky

With a so-so game engine, but a ton of stuff to unlock, I suggest Mortal Kombat fans to buy this game. Others may want to pass on this otherwise mediocre title.

Xbox Nation Magazine

It's just too bad that for every step forward Midway takes with Alliance, it takes two steps back with sloppy gameplay, cheesy, ridiculously gory visuals, and some truly soulless character design. [Winter 2002, p.89]

Gaming Age

With more polish and character balancing, Midway could have crafted one of the best pick up and play fighters in existence – but combo timing issues hurt the overall score and that’s a shame.


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