Capsized recalls memories of Turrican, Commander Keen, and Cybernator, but this is not a nostalgic retro-rehash. You won't find chunky pixels, chiptune soundtracks, or tongue-in-cheek nods to the past. Capsized is a modern original; a nearly pitch-perfect blend of combat and exploration that manages to be as beautiful as it is exhilarating.


For ten dollars this is a no-brainer; simple as that.

PC Gamer UK

An intense and beautifully designed action-physics platformer, which also happens to be dirt cheap.


Another fine example of what a small development team can accomplish with enough ambition and talent. The game is good-looking, entertaining and boasts a fluidity of play many bigger games would envy.

Capsized is a love letter to the 8-bit era: the perfect mix between Cybernoid and The Sacred Armour of Antiriad.


Capsized is a surprise. A good and unexpected indie suprise that shows great art with a captivating gameplay without forgetting a great co-op. It may be a little bit too short or too difficult for some less experienced players.

LEVEL (Czech Republic)

Brilliant independent platformer excels with its hand-made graphics, atmospheric music score and sophisticated physics. [July 2011]

PC PowerPlay

A beautiful and rewarding action adventure. [Aug 2011, p.65]

Eurogamer Italy

If the platform games are your drug, think about this purchase because Capsized, although not innovative, is the kind of game that makes Steam and the indie scene the deadliest combination for your spare time.

The Metroid-esque adventure game Capsized is cleverly put together. The multifunctional weapons and the refreshing puzzles give the player enough space to develop their own playstyle. On design and technical terms it might also be one of the most impressive indie-games of the year.

Edge Magazine

A great and progressive return to gaming's adventuring roots.


A mere 12-level campaign rather curtails your wistful pleasure, but the presence of four 'Arcade' modes doesn't hurt, especially co-op.


Terrific art and diverse movement mechanics make it a pleasure to explore the exciting world of Capsized.


Classic gameplay and good visuals, Capsized is a solid and nostalgic game.


What makes Capsized a challenge is the planet's fauna. Developer's creativity in that department is really impressive and combat is difficult but rewarding: well balanced, fast, based on instinctive responses. The score would have been higher if it weren't for half-baked additional game modes but low price and a really good campaign let you easily overlook that flaw. [July 2011, p.82]

Game Chronicles

All in all, Capsized is a solid game. If you're nostalgic for the era of DOS-based 2D shooters like Duke Nukem or Commander Keen, there's a good chance you'll enjoy Capsized. With its classic gameplay and a wide variety of ways to get around, Capsized is a good first effort from Alientrap and a good sign of things to come.


Though not flawless, Capsized combines a unique style with classic gameplay to produce a unique and memorable experience.

Cheat Code Central

The 2D platformer is not dead. Capsized proves that current-gen design philosophies and gameplay mechanics can be applied to this ancient genre, making it feel fresh once again.

For its small price, Capsized is an honest bargain. Well executed visually, with very nice music, very few bugs, and a complete gameplay. But Alien Trap delivers the paper of a good student who lacks a little imagination.


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