Hustle Kings


This game is definitely a simulation that motivates for a long time, so fans won't something similar with the gameplay.

Gaming Age

It's totally worth picking up. If you enjoy pool at all, especially in video game form, than Hustle Kings is pretty much tailor made for you.


Hustle Kings is one of the most enjoyable and sizeable PSN games in a long time, and quite possibly the finest pool or billiards replication ever committed to a videogame.

Cheat Code Central

Hustle Kings is a pretty impressive game of pool. There are loads of options, more than I would have ever expected from a $10 game, and the mechanics are pretty much spot-on. The button sensitivity for fine-tuning shots could use some improvement, but otherwise the game is butter.

Play UK

Great fun. [Issue#190, p.91]


Hustle Kings isn't another shoddy download game. It brings a high quality pool sim experience through the PSN and gives you a lot to do included with the price of admission.

Pelit (Finland)

A very competent pool simulation. Too bad the virtual opponents are invisible. [Feb 2010]

PSM3 Magazine UK

With a wealth of options and modes and this is one of the best value titles on PSN. [Jan 2010, p.94]


While not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, it is one of the better video pool games I've played and certainly worth a look if billiards is your game. With its robust online options and excellent physics, Hustle Kings is excellent if occasionally frustrating fun.


Hustle Kings is an easy to pick up pool title accessible to the masses on PSN. Despite a few shortcomings, it'll keep fans entertained for some time to come. It is an excellent virtual pool game, nothing more, nothing less.


Hustle Kings is a excellent pool game with sublime graphics, intuitive controls and an extensive multiplayer. The degree of finishing and the amount of options are recommendable for such a cheap PSN game. Boredom quickly sets in in the single player though, making this mostly a game for pool fanatics who want to challenge others online.


A nice pool game with good graphics, a cool soundtrack and a lot of gameplay options. You can play in the singleplayer and multiplayer, but the multiplayer is more interesting on a long term.

Playstation Official Magazine UK

Better than the already-out Inferno Pool, and worth a look. [Feb 2010, p.111]

Playstation Official Magazine Australia

It all feels a bit sterile, too, and the weird floating pool cue doesn't do much to alter that. Solid, but hardly exciting. [Feb 2010, p.77]


Hustle Kings is a nice game, but nothing more than that. You can have a great time by playing this game, but of course it's much more fun to play pool for real.


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