SuperCar Challenge


It might be possible in the coming months to find a realistic racing game that is more fun, there will certainly be more approachable racers before the end of the year. If you want unapologetic realism and inclusive simulation then Supercar Challenge is the only game you should be considering.


The are a few in which Supercar Challenge needs a bit of work, however if its the action that counts then this game has it all.


SuperCar Challenge is a pretty good title and is very realistic. It also has a lot of options, which is perfect for the fans. A good game, but not good enough to beat the other race games this year.


Take it for what it is: a hardcore niche Sim, and you might just fall in love with it.

Games Master UK

Enthusiasts may ignore the niggles and enjoy the driving purity, even if it lacks thrills. [Nov 2009, p.67]

PSM3 Magazine UK

Not terrible, but not as good as racers like GT Prologue. [Oct 2009, p.82]

Vandal Online

SuperCar Challenge won't make history for being one of the best driving title, but it is a good option for players who want to have a good time driving through official tracks with astounding cars.

It's clear that Supercar Challenge tries to compete with the big boys. The game just doesn't achieve that level. Every good element in this game has its con and this doesn't help the overall quality. Still, the racing-experience can't be classified as bad. The game delivers on the feeling that you drive some of the most powerful sports cars in the world, and perhaps that's the most important thing of all.

Driving in Supercar Challenge is both fun and very challenging on higher difficulties. There is a lot of joy for racing enthusiasts to be found here but with an extremely repetitive career mode, very few cars and with no possibilities of modifying the cars confines the experience. The environment isn't impressive but the cars and weather effects create an intensive racing atmosphere. In the end the game fails to engage the player, but delivers a great driving experience.

Playstation Official Magazine Australia

There are moments of brilliance, in particular the Riviera track where the barriers zip by as you zig around the corners and fly along the straights, though there's just not enough charm here to keep us engaged. [Nov 2009]

System 3's last effort for PS3 is a very difficult game, dedicated to the purists of the genre, which unfortunately does not offer a technical implementation to match the current standards but has plenty of cars and modes.

The Driving model is almost perfect (even better than GT5 Prologue's?), and there is a great number of game modes, cars and tracks. Unfortunately, AI is terrible and the visual look not so sharp.

Play UK

A bit of a relic, though straight-faced racing is hard to come by, these days. [Issue#183, p.78]


It would have been better if developer Eutechnyx continued developing SuperCar Challenge for say half a year, to bring the game in 2010. Because now the game just can't compete with other good racing titles.


In SuperCar's relentless pursuit of simulation, it's neglected to capture the exhilarating speed-driven fantasy of driving - its sex appeal, if you will. [Oct 2009, p.126]

Metro GameCentral

The sequel to Ferrari Challenge may be a good simulation, but it's not really much of a game.

Eurogamer Italy

Supercar Challenge is, in the end, a product that barely gets to the sufficiency. Would have it been proposed as an add-on, everything would be different, but it's not acceptable to propose for the second time the old Ferrari Challenge with a handful of extra options.


Race car drivers who stay clear of semi-sims like Grid, Shift and Dirt, will perhaps find pleasure in this game, until the release of Gran Turismo. Whoever is looking for excitement, fun and spectacle, will be better off with one of the previously mentioned titles. Lame.


Incompetent AI, grind progression gameplay, and a limited vehicle roster make SuperCar Challenge more lemon than hotrod.


SuperCar Challenge sadly makes the same mistake, focusing so much attention on the minutiae of car physics that the actual gameplay feels like an afterthought.

Playstation Official Magazine UK

It's almost completely joyless. [Oct 2009, p.116]

SuperCar Challenge tries to fill the void between GT Prologue and the upcoming GT5, but is technically at least two years behind. Back then this game could have entertained gamers for hours and hours - now it's just an uninspiring racing game with Tiff Needell as one of its few advantages.

Gameplayer Sweden

This game has not only managed to embarrass the whole genre, it has also killed several hours of my life that I will never ever get back.


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