Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer

Смерть как искусство 2: Охота на кукловода


Yes, Die Kunst des Mordens: Der Marionettenspieler is a very entertaining game and offers brainteasers for old dogs and young detectives at the same time.

LEVEL (Czech Republic)

Typical detective story with all its pros and cons – conjecturable situation advancement and simplified behavior will not spoil the delight of solving the case. [May 2009]


Another point and click adventure, following the original Art of Murder. As its predecessor, it lacks depth and it's quite hard, offering user huge amounts of items and little room for experimentation. Good graphics and sound, but without a compelling story.

Absolute Games

It took CITY Interactive just a year to churn out a sequel to Art of Murder (and produce AoM’s clone, Scorpio Ritual, at the same time). Without belittling the many flaws of Hunt for the Puppeteer, I have to admit the studio’s progress. Sleepless nights and the publisher’s whip have pulled up the series to the level of a second-rate blockbuster.

Adventure Gamers

For better and worse, Hunt for the Puppeteer is a simple adventure without any pretensions. It can be relaxing filler easily played with your brain off, but lacks both the quality and character to bother with otherwise.

Just Adventure

By game’s end, it almost seems as though the developers have gotten sick of the entire game and just want to get it over with.


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