WorldShift: Апокалипсис завтра

Well, this game certainly wasn’t able to shift my world enough to earn itself a thoroughly positive verdict. Sure, it’s not all fire and brimstone but frustratingly hectic battles and some excessive blunders concerning the gameplay managed to spoil it for good.

Let's face it, every RTS lover is waiting for Starcraft 2 and Red Alert 3. But don't get too focused on these two titles, because you'll miss out on, for example, WorldShift. A strategy game than looks more than fine and plays like a perfect mix between RTS and RPG. Waiting for a triple A title will be easy with WorldShift.

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If there were any noteworthy singleplayer campaign Worldshift could be an almost flawless game. Unfortunately the one player part is a tedious mission-to-mission experience. High score for this game comes only for excellent multiplayer variability. [Oct 2008]


It sounds like a good idea: co-operative missions, heroes, a fresh setting. But Worldshift fails, mainly because of bad design that ignores the standards of the genre. Having to control every single soldier manually because there are no group controls isn't acceptable. Different heights, trees, houses and even whole rock formations are ignored or can be shot through. The three factions are well balanced for multiplayer, but the single player campaign basically consists of "go from A to B" and "try and error". Even the best ideas won't work if you get the basics wrong. Maybe it's better to wait until Black Sea has ironed out the problems.

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All of this is such a shame, because WorldShift is really a beautiful game with an intriguing premise. The levels are packed with interesting scenery, and the lighting and special effects are truly impressive. With a little better balance and some additional tweaking, this could have been a really memorable real-time strategy title.


Impressive multiplayer modes make WorldShift an engaging old-school real-time strategy game, but bugs and an afterthought solo campaign dampen the appeal.


I see Worldshift as a proof of concept for a multiplayer strategy game that has the potential to be something special, but it still has a ways to go before it actually gets there.

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Worldshift is a game that had a lot of potential. It's sad to see such potential wasted when the end result is a poorly executed and rushed title.


The worst thing about WorldShift is its unfulfilled potential.


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