TrackMania United

ТрекМания United


This, to me, is the pinnacle of arcade racing on the PC, and I honestly don’t have the interest or will to play anything else, and I doubt I can find a finer product. I think Nadeo have done what they could with the series, and other developers should take note: this is how you make a game.

Pelit (Finland)

As fantastic a puzzler/racer as it has been for the past few years. Familiarity is also its biggest problem. Good as it is, the underlying game is still the same it was the last time. [Apr 2007]


Trackmania United really is a united gaming experience - even when you're not competing online, the online community elements are still there. Couple this with addictive and challenging "hot wheels" like gameplay, and you have a very complete, very "alive" arcade racing package.

Gamer's Hell

Trackmania: United is rollercoaster of a game that should be at least tried out by anybody with even a remote interest in high-speed racing.

PC Gamer UK

The speed of TrackMania is truly ridiculous: you might think the idea of subtlety is lost when you're hitting about a gagillion miles an hour, but the faster the car, the better the handling. [Apr 2007, p.74]

PC Zone UK

I normally hate banging on about graphics - but the stark beauty of TM should be clear to one and all. Every time I shut my eyes I see those shimmering blue skies and blinding flashes of colour - and, yes kids, that's because it's been burnt into my retinas. TrackMania United is officially, totally great.

PC Gameworld

TrackMania: United is a fun arcade racer with an incredible amount of stuff to do both online and off.

PC Format

Still lots of high-octane fun, but even the excellent community may not be reason enough for old hands. [Apr 2007, p.70]

Edge Magazine

Suddenly the nonsense global scoreboards of Xbox Live and PSN, designed no doubt to validate those services with the suggestion of mass involvement, are exposed as being badly hampered by their own ambition. United’s tight-knit communities are a welcoming, sensible and above all enjoyable blueprint for the way things should be. [Apr 2007, p.82]


That's Trackmania's secret. It's deeply satisfying, while at the same time being more frustrating than you could possibly imagine. It's a contradiction until you've played it.


United falls just short of brilliance and will always be overshadowed in my mind by its slightly uglier older brother and its free expansion pack. Despite the obvious benefits offered by the new cars and track pieces, two of the best game modes have been removed and that's hard to understand.


People with a strong drive (no pun intended) and imagination will find an infinite playground here.


Trackmania United is one honking big game that should appeal to anyone who gravitates to the wild and wacky style of arcade driving. Even fans of serious simulations would be hard pressed to cast aspirations on a title this strong.


Dozens of insanely catchy tracks, fantastic online support, and a few new gameplay hooks will have you craving the next race the second you finish the last one.

Jolt Online Gaming UK

Trackmania United doesn’t essentially bring anything new to the table (perhaps the sandpit is a better analogy), but it is yet another example of a developer at the top of its game in a field where it is most certainly in pole position.


TrackMania United is one of the best racing titles I've had the chance to come across in a long time.


It’s simple, yet still challenging and great fun whether on or offline.


This game is all about having fun and now with the community being the focus, gamers from around the globe can show their appreciation for the game.

Worth Playing

Trackmania United targets a specific niche amongst racing game fans and does everything it can to emphasize and cater to this niche, creating a game where precision matters, skill is clearly and easily quantifiable, and yet where fun can easily be had, even in failure.

The New York Times

United is an odd hybrid of racing and problem solving with three game modes — racing, platform and puzzle.

PC Gamer

It's amazing what you can do with quick reactions and a restart button. [Sept 2007, p.56]


Whilst not a giant leap from its predessesors the game does offer some new online options that may add to its appeal for some.


In the end, the solo play features can get a bit boring.


If you've never played TrackMania before and you have even a slight interest in racing and puzzle games then it's well worth hopping into the driver's seat of TrackMania United.


And that map editor -- when United maintains its stability -- is undoubtedly the game's marquee feature.

Gaming Nexus

If you have the patience for it and find the online community aspect appealing, TrackMania United will be a good fit for you.


TMU is a fine diversion for quick game breaks, but not much more. In a way, it's like popcorn, enough to be a snack or even an appetizer, but you won't get a full meal out of it.


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