Painkiller Expansion Pack: Battle Out of Hell

Painkiller: Битва за пределами Ада


If you own the original, not buying the extra levels would make you a sinner. Now, stop treating your body like a carnival ride.

Worth Playing

It may not showcase a cutting-edge game engine or add brand new features to the FPS genre, but Painkiller: Battle out of Hell is, without a doubt, one of the most intense and straightforward FPS rides the genre has seen yet.


Battle out of Hell not only adds new content to Painkiller, but it also steps up the visuals. There are new visual distortions and lighting capabilities, which really make the game look great. They are all very noticeable differences.


It is short, yes, but it is priced low to match. It is even more stylish than the original campaign and engages your attention much better than the original game. Compared to other games in the genre, this is a real treat.


A must buy to those that enjoyed the original. Hardcore fans should already own it, and everyone else will miss out on another great game yet again.

Game Chronicles

An excellent expansion pack that does exactly what it sets out to do; it delivers more monsters, more weapons, more tarot cards, and exciting new levels to explore and interact with.

Game Over Online

It's got the same flaws as Painkiller, as well as all its considerable merits.

Gaming Nexus

A near perfect expansion pack. It gives gamers more levels, more bad guys, and more multiplayer content. What else can you ask for in an expansion pack? Not much.

PC Gameworld

For fans of the first game, I have only this to say: semi-automatic sniper-rifle stake gun. With more of everything, this is a must own!

Gamer's Hell

It's delightfully twisted, I love it.


We found the frantic gameplay, gorgeous graphics and downright scary soundtrack was right up our street and Painkiller, and its newly released expansion pack are more than worthy contenders to that elusive list of brilliant FPS.

Gamers' Temple

Delivers some of the most imaginative levels ever found in a first person shooter, and is a great reason for Painkiller fans to go back to purgatory.

Pelit (Finland)

More of the same old good Painkiller. I absolutely love the new sniper-auto-polegun. The underground tunnel levels are lame, but otherwise the level design ranges from mediocre to fine. [Jan. 05]


It's not powerful enough to convince Painkiller detractors to join the fold, but it's certainly everything a fan the original game will love.

Game Informer

Still a hell of a good time. The new multiplayer modes are fun, the weapons are interesting, and it's not like shooting zombies has lost its charm since "Wolfenstein 3D." [Jan 2005, p.138]


Everything is just as wonderfully crafted, over-the-top crazy, and mouse-crushingly intense as it was in the full game. It's more Painkiller, and that's what you'd expect from an expansion, right?


All in all, Painkiller: Black Edition is a mixed bag of goodies. [Black Edition]

Four Fat Chicks

Generally speaking, though, the gameplay of Battle out of Hell has the same adrenaline-soaked excitement of the original. Wild firefights, huge minibosses and the occasional challenging puzzle are rolled up into the same tight, clean, delicious package.


In the end, the game is just more of the first: mindlessly slashing waves of AI-less monsters coming out at you to Satan's music, with the extra touch of intensified seriousness and atmosphere.


So enough with the puzzle bosses! And fix the loading times! And get rid of the idiotic jumping puzzles! Make more levels like the orphanage! Please.


The good levels are very good though and if you can stomach the others this one is well worth a flutter.


Battle out of Hell is at its best, ironically, when there aren't a lot of monsters around--when you actually get a moment to soak up the mood and look around a little. The game is coated in supernatural Gothic madness, but you hardly noticed most of the time because something's flying at you.

Play Magazine

A solid 10-level package rife with impressive demonic hordes. [Jan 2005, p.77]


The biggest gripe anyone can have with an expansion pack is that it doesn't have enough content to justify the purchase. Battle out of Hell comes dangerously close to the edge of the cliff, but with the help of new bosses, optimized net code and added multiplayer facets, it manages to hold on by the skin of its teeth.

Next Level Gaming

I have enjoyed this expansion even with the crashes, load times and sad, sad storyline. Just like its predecessor its nice to find a shooter that isn't in WWII or Vietnam, in fact it is very reminiscent of Heretic.


A standard expansion pack for a game that's now looking a little dated, adrenalin junkies who couldn't get enough of the original's non-stop, pulse pounding action will find satisfaction with what's offered in Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell.

Armchair Empire

It's not overwhelming in what it offers in addition to what the original game offers already, but it does have enough interesting points to make it worthwhile for fans of the original.


More of an afterthought in comparison where a full-scale sequel with more finely-tweaked action would be more satisfying. Battle Out of Hell is more of a "tide me over" game that offers a good value of 10 levels, many challenges, and multiplayer addition for $20.

Computer Gaming World

This roller coaster occasionally stalls and has some long stretches that could have used a corkscrew or even a slight bank. [Feb 2005, p.80]

Games Radar

The story is pointless and the levels make little sense thematically, but forget cutscenes and everything else - this is about aiming at monsters and firing. Again. [PC Gamer UK]

My Gamer

The ten extra levels and two new weapons do seem to just barely justify the expansion's price tag in the end.

PC Format

The relentlessly brain-dead action gets a bit dull after a while. [Feb 2005, p.85]

Computer Games Magazine

Battle Out of Hell isn't an essential expansion, but it provides some good practice and motivation to try to unlock everything on some of those original levels. [Feb 2005, p.62]


If the parent release fulfilled your thirst for Mentalist twitch shooting and you feel like topping up then you can't really complain at what's on offer here, but for us it's almost the dictionary definition of an average shooter. For those wanting something a little more cerebral and fulfilling, this sure as hell isn't it.


I think Battle out of Hell is a fresh coat of paint for an old car that has a lot of unattended problems under the hood.

PC Gamer

Disaster. Despite a beefy visual upgrade, this insultingly short add-on plays like a skanky collection of deleted scenes from the original game. [Feb 2005, p.68]


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