Monster Garage: The Game


If you like to tear done the rudimentary elements of a vehicle and then build it back up with new parts, all under a budget, you may find some diversion in this title. However, the time spent unscrewing bolts is disproportionately large compared to the time testing your creation.

PC Gamer

Gearheads may be temporarily amused, but for the rest of us, Monster Garage delivers about as much entertainment value as a fender-bender with a Hell's Angel. [July 2004, p.65]

Cheat Code Central

A big round of disappointment will be had by all that play Monster Garage. Perhaps Jesse and his crew should try their hands at developing a videogame. It can't be much worse than this.


The designers have simply reproduced challenges from the show virtually ensuring that anyone who might have the least interest in this game won't be surprised by any part of it. The only monster is this garage is a flagrant disregard for fun.


The lack of any strategy to the gameplay, a generally poor design, and an endless number of stability problems turn Monster Garage into a real monster, all right.


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